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Rod and Karen discuss Game of Thrones wagers, horse has sex with car, woman calls 911 on Roomba, pregnancy tracking app informs your employer, new OJ Simpson movie, measles fines in NYC, suspicious black church fires in Louisiana, Candace Owens lies before congress, Uber driver tries to break into home, woman buys Cadillac with bad check, man kills mom and asks co-workers for alibi and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I don’t know who will take the thrown by the end of the season but I would love to see Samwell Tarly take the thrown because I’d love to see Gilly as Queen rubbing her silk gowns saying “oooh, this is nice” I also think Euron will betray Cesei and try to find some way to take the thrown for himself. He’s a sneaky motherfucker. Baring that I wouldn’t mind seeing the white walkers win because that would be an unexpected twist.

    Ugh Candace Owens finally got the attention she craved. When black women are conservatives is it a requirement to have bad quick weaves, hairstyles or dry ass wigs. Because Diamond and Silk have been wearing the same musty wigs since they came on the scene and Candace’s hair looks like she went to a white salon and they fucked her hair up on purse. Black girl tragic.

  2. Dia (aka, a girl has no name)

    I am not going to give any of my GOT theories because I know you don’t like to read those because there many spoilers out there.

    Actually, I haven’t seen many spoilers leading up to this season like I have in previous season, especially season 7. But then again, when I am online, just seeing the word ‘game’ makes me close the screen…so imagine all the March Madness post I missed.

    At any rate, I was going to say that I have enjoyed this series so much that I am considering reading the books once it concludes. It is one of the few series were all of the actors and actresses bring it! I have yet to find a bad actor in the mix. I know folks online didn’t like Ed Sheeran’s cameo, but if they didn’t know who he was no one would have said a thing. I think that was more folks hating than actually upset about the integrity of the series.

    I would not be disappointed to see any of the characters end up on the Throne. They all deserve it my opinion…
    Cersei is relentless, cunning and has grown more strategic over the years.

    Jon is an example a fighter who people have written off since his birth. I can relate to him because my parents were not married and growing up people threw the word bastard my way, so I have a special place in my heart for someone who overcomes that type of adversity.

    Finally, Daenerys, she has the heart of the people and I have watched her grow from someone who just wanted the throne because it was her birthright, to someone who genuinely cares for people with no voice and wants to serve the people.

  3. logan2x1

    I’m going to try really hard not to go overboard with my GOTs theories but I can’t make any promises. I’m so damn excited!
    1. I think the Night King might be one of the original Targaryens
    2. According to the prophecy Cerci heard as a child one of her brothers is going to kill her. So i can totally see her killing Jamie and in a rage Tyrian kills her but in the fight she also kills him. All the Lannisters have to die.
    3. I hope Sansa makes it and becomes the new warden of the north.
    4. If Arya makes it till the end, I see her changing her face and sailing off. She’s too far gone to stay in Westeros

    I’m gonna stop there and just bombard my husband with my thoughts.

    About the measles vaccine. I’m not an anti-vaxer, I think it’s ridiculous not to vaccinate your kids. I totally understand having misgivings about new vaccines like the chicken pox vaccine, but I’m grateful that I have a pediatrician who was ok with me holding off on it until I did more research on it for myself. I am a supporter of the alternative immunization schedule, that spreads shots out among a wider range of time for kids. That being said I don’t think parents who vaccinate their children but on the alternative schedule should be penalized. Apparently the new law doesn’t make those stipulations which I think it should.

    Great episode
    Love y’all

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