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SMR 236: Little

Rod and Karen discuss the black girl comedy “Little.” We also discuss some trailers and your feedback.


  1. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    I was pleasantly suprised by the diversity of my audience for Little. I knew Black people would come through for Ms. Marsai, but based on the state of the country I did not expect many non-Black people. I’m worse than those movie execs who don’t believe Black films can make white money, even though clearly non-Blacks do pay for Black films because Black Panther is the 3rd highest grossing domestic film of all time.

    I was also pleased about all the Black and Brown trailers before the movie. I had tears streaming down my face for 5 minutes because of that damn dog trailer. You guys weren’t the only ones annoyed about that trailer because a Black lady in my audience yelled “now why y’all have to do that right now,” which gave everyone a good laugh.

    Little was excellent. The thing I enjoyed most was everyone was clearly having fun making the movie. Some of the scenes dragged on, but I’m assuming they probably let the actors ad lib some and kept the cameras going because of the cast’s great chemistry.

    I thought the movie was very smart and tackled several themes in a meaningful way, like toxic work and romantic relationships, the power of social media in regular people’s lives, and the importance of solid friendships.

    My favorite thing was how the men thought little Jordan was physically adorable, but were disgusted by her obvious attraction to them and put her in a child’s place when she was making googly eyes at them. I also liked that the kids were kids. They were 13 going on 14 and not 13 going on 40.

    Marsai is a true boss lady and I can’t wait to see her do more great things.



  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I enjoyed the movie and had some laughs. Regina Hall was funny with her over the top performance as the extremely bossy adult Jordan. Marsai was good as little Jordan. Issa Rae was very funny playing off both adult & child versions, her comedic acting really held the movie together. The scene where Jordan turns little overnight, gets out of bed and literally goes outside to get coffee without looking in any mirror was silly. I guess they did that for comedic effects. I agree with you about the editing, especially that restaurant scene where little Jordan was eating dinner than suddenly singing on top of the bar. I did slightly cringe at some of big Jordan’s insults. Overall, I had a good time, but I left the theater thinking this could have been more of straight to Netflix type. Also, regarding the trailer for “Late Night”, when the white dude said, “I wish I was a Women of Color so I could get any job I wanted”, black women in my theater were like “HMMP!!!”. I was like damn that movie is going to take it there. I guess it’s supposed to be funny. Anyway, have a good one.
    Thanks, peace.

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