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BDS 300: Big Sad Magic Johnson

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Magic Johnson leaving the Lakers, Lakers news, Sylvia Hatchell details, Antonio Brown going after JuJu, D Rose would return to Chicago, Reebok vs Bey, Sixers hire first female coach, Nike accused of bribing college players, Lebron’s school is doing well, John Football, Demarcus Cousins, 50 trolls Floyd, LaVar Ball, Fournette arrested, Steelers bickering, John Wall may not return next year, reducing NBA games, Jamal Crawford goes for 50, Cierre Wood arrested for murder of a child, Robert Kraft video, Muffet McGraw goes in, Kyle Korver is Woke and a dick grabbing celebration.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin, side note, Gmail automatically prepopulated the “What up Rod and Justin” when i started crafting this email. That’s kinda…scary. But it did save me a few keystrokes.

    Anyway. My nigga Tiger did that shit. He won the fucking Masters. I can’t believe it. I cried real tears watching him hug them beige ass kids. I thought he’d win another major after coming back from injury but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Now Augusta National about to change the course AGAIN to try and stop him from winning. Ain’t racism some shit? They changed the course after each of his wins. Can’t possibly be a coincidence.

    I hope all the Tiger haters are sick right now.

    J-Full , official Tiger Hive member.

    P.S. Did you know a group of Tigers is called an “ambush”? Very fitting.

    Jeremy Fuller

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and The Ghost of Jyle Lowrey,

    I hope all is well. Congrats on 300 episodes of Balls Deep! Y’all are insightful, ratchet and agenda-driven as ever and I always look forward hearing y’all talk that real about sports. Justin, I’d ask if Kyle Lowrey was your mans but first I need to ask where the hell he was Game 1. Wanna know a fun math trick? There are 301 more episodes of Balls Deep Sports than points Kyle Lowrey scored in Game 1 for Toronto. Did Kyle Lowrey snap his own fingers and turn to dust? Did LeBron lock him inside the Soul Stone?

    At least Toronto has an established, offensive minded point guard in…*checks Toronto’s roster*…Fred VanFleet? Fred VanFleet. Kyle Lowrey is making $33 million this year to be less productive than nigga whose name makes me think of the Flying Dutchman. And now that Lowrey somehow willed himself to score 22 points in Game 2, he’s averaging a piping hot *11 points a game this series*. Between Kyle Lowrey and Drake, this is why Toronto will never be great. I hope Vince Carter’s Dunk Contest trophies are keeping each other company in Toronto, cuz it ain’t like they getting any more company.

    Why the hell does Russell Westbrook keep shooting so damn much? He’s 37% from the field and 6 of 20 from the three. How much of the oncoming sweeping is Westbrook’s fault? Also, while 6-20 from the three is bad, wanna what’s worse? Going 1 of 7 from the three, shouts out to Jimmy Butler.

    Also can we rename the 6 Man Of The Year Award after Lou Williams?

    Have a great evening y’all, peace!

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen and the Jaytroit Pistons??

    It’s been a minute since I last wrote in and I feel like my energy towards my two preferred teams have changed. First with the Pistons and their dumb ass owner who looks like the love child of John Travolta in Grease and the Honky Tonk Man. Tom Gores mandated that the Pistons make the playoffs this year. FOR WHO? FOR WHAT? I can assure you that even for a playoff game, I’ll be able to find tickets for under $30. If I cared to go. I’m at the point where I wish Kemba and the Hornets made it over the Pistons because aside from Blake Griffin and I guess Luke Kennard (who?) no one cares on that team. Fuck Andre Drummond. Fuck Reggie Jackson and this whole mismanaged operation. Pistons will not cover the spread in game 3 or 4. I can guarantee it.

    Anyway as for my second team — the Toronto Raptors. The fury of my email would have changed if I wrote it after Game 1 in the Raptors-Orlando series. I don’t know why the Raptors refuse to win Game 1s. Kyle Lowry might have the basketball yips when it concerns game 1 of a series. Going 0-7 at home is damn near unforgivable. He bounced back in Game 2 which is fine. We’ll see what happens today. I hope Kawhi stays, but I wouldn’t be mad if he bounced.

    Damn this email is long — I was just trying to occupy time before I head home after work. My only question for the show is which rivalry do you find to be more interesting? Dame vs Russ? Or the battle of the lightskinned ballers between Jared Dudley and Ben Simmons?


  4. fyahworks

    Good day rod ,Karen, and jrispy kreme Donuts!

    The type of donuts Kyle Lowry put up in game one! But this is your all star? So damn sad that in game 2 he got a standing ovation when he scored his first point at the free throw line!

    1)Did you guys happen to catch that warriors interview when the interviewer asked , how can you play for another team after all the success you’ve guys had here? Iggy spoke loud and proud! But kd and klay has stone faces and nothing to say! (I’ll insert the link below)


    2)So for the second year in a row boogie woogie cousins get hurt and misses the playoffs! Going forward where does this leave him contract wise? I know he wants the max but….. idk if I would give him that!

    3. last week y’all spoke bout a crotch grab celebration in baseball and it reminded me of a key & Peele skit called slap ass! Which also was a baseball thing! Y’all seen that?? (Link below)


    4. Lastly I just wanna address, the Amir Johnson/Joel embiid cellphone gate!!! He was just setting his dvr for game of thrones!!!!

    Mic drop

    I’m out


    Y’all have a great weekend!

  5. Amani

    Hey HBO’s Rod and Karen with special guest Jyle Lowry

    Nothing says it’s playoff time like Kyle Lowry going scoreless to start the series. What happened to your agenda Justin? All this hype and talking about how this year was going to be different and he got that same lemon booty. Meanwhile Rudy Gay and Derozan got the Spurs in good position to slide all the way into the Conference Finals. Guess we know who the real problem was.

    Shout out to Ciara. The love of a good black woman has that robot Russell Wilson popping flavor and dripping sauce. You know how hard a flex it is to let everyone know you’re the highest paid player in the league AND you just got finished fucking and about to start round 2? Oh how far we’ve come! The upgrade he made from basic model Becky to Ciara is legendary. He’s the anti-Tiger.

    Maybe that’s why RG3 finally getting a real cut. Russ really changed the game for corny Black QBs and he finally got on board too. Either that or Robert is cheating with a Black woman this time and she ain’t letting a nigga with a soup spoon line up in her crib.

    Love y’all fam!

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey lady Karen, RON and Justin.

    Let me start off by saying I’m sending this from my cell phone so forgive me for any typos or missing punctuation.

    I listen to Ball Deep to laugh at the silly shit rich grown men get into.

    So it’s Sunday morning I’m at the grocery store going up and down the aisles trying to hold back tears, sniffing and looking for a tissue while listening to the Dwayne Wade commercial and y’alls commentary, only to let out the loudest laugh ever when Jalen Rose read Paul Pierce ass for motherfuckin filth!!!!

    Justin, how dare you ever fix your brain to have one iota of negative energy about Dwyane Wade the great.

    Listen, I don’t give a fuck about sports fuck athletics. But I do love BDS.


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