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Rod and Karen discuss no Insecure in 2019, Notre Dame on fire, AOC quits Facebook, Pelosi helping Ilhan Omar, Michael Jackson facts, college grads letting Wall Street invest in them, Chicago news, fugitive taunts police on Facebook, police officer caught up in prostitution sting, man breaks into house and sucks on toes and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Congratulations on getting the student loan monkey off your backs! I’m sure you were playing Celebration on a loop; I know I was for y’all. Oh happy day, oh happy day!!!

  2. Hi Rod and Karen,

    I worked on a study with a university’s marketing department two summers ago, where we tracked trends and interviewed middle school and high school students about social media.

    We still haven’t presented our findings, but we found that ages 13 to 19 are actually leaving or not joining, not just Facebook but social media platforms altogether. They say they value their privacy more.

    They are moving towards more group chat platforms where they can speak to specific audience and be candid without a public gaze and possibly getting into trouble for saying or having a belief.

    The groups we interviewed talked about how they watch people get fired or kicked out of schools or shunned by the public for having certain opinions or telling off color jokes.

    An example was from a couple of students who talked about being pro life, but they won’t share those beliefs on social media, but just in a group chat with other friends, even friends that are pro life, because they feel secure and don’t think they will be targeted by the public for having those ideas or beliefs.

    It was really interesting, because a group chat will likely be where people will share racist, homophobic or sexist content without any consequence, but they also said that it is an opportunity to be corrected or educated in private before sharing those ideas in the future.

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