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BDS 301: Corny QB Swag

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, Russell Wilson contract, Tiger Woods is back, Tyreek Hill, Jalen Mills vs Devin Robinson, Anthony Davis, Magic Johnson joining up with Ice Cube, Michael Vick teen center, Khloe and Tristan, Gloria Govan, AAF bankruptcy, Ravens owner gives 100k to burned black churches, Coughlin mad, Lakers meeting with Lue, Embiid elbow, Raiders, Robert Kraft vid for sale, Brian Banks accused of rape again, Matt Barnes fights a troll online, Gronk put a dent in trophy, Breanna Stewart injured overseas and Joyce Vieira.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jaul George,

    Oh Paul George. Didn’t he almost have it all? Going from being in the MVP running to having Dame Dash sink a 3 over your stupid head from the damn logo, after blowing a 15 point lead no less. Goddamn. And I feel bad for Russ, cuz it’s looking like his athleticism is slipping from him and he’s out here shooting like Ray Charles aiming a gun. It’s all bad. Elsewhere in the West, Lou Trilliams and the Clippers beat the Warriors….again? How the hell does The Nappy Scalped Gawd drop 45 and the Warriors still lose?

    Do y’all know how nice it was to watch the NFL draft without worrying about the Browns fucking up and picking another sorry quarterback? How refreshing it was to not hear the owner admit to drafting a boarderline NFL QB on the strength of a homeless man telling him to do so (that really happened)? Now that the Browns have shaken that evil off themselves, I’d like to congratulate the Giants on taking the mantle of Worst Run Team in Football. It’s like passing the spirit of the Ghost Rider except it’s having a terrible NFL team. Daniel Jones is just a tall white man who looks like an Eli Manning stunt double and plays as bad as one.

    NY media roasting the Giants for drafting Jones (who will suck) made me remember that the Giants are gonna suck in front of the largest media market in sports. At least the Browns got to suck in relative peace.

    I feel bad for Dwayne Haskins being drafted by the Washington Racial Slurs since Snyder wanted him and Jay Gruden openly hates niggas. Haskins ran a 5.01 40 yard dash, so I can’t wait til Jay Gruden gets in the media complaining that Haskins ain’t fast enough to run the read option.

    Off to see Endgame and feel all the feels.

    Peace y’all!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen and J. Westbrook

    Justin got the nerve to talk all that shit about showing up to the 7 o’clock run and then this nigga shows up late? That Pirate taking your boy all the way out

    That’s like Russ talking about about him busting Dame’s ass and getting run out the building. I still love my guy even after watching the internet turn on him, but you gotta catch these jokes. Dame was putting 35 footers in his eye, meanwhile Russ barely hit 36% in the series. Rod called it on the narratives changing to fit people’s agenda though. He won MVP for that triple-double season but really because folks were mad at KD and he was the counterpoint. Now they’re ready to run him out of there when he’s done it three years in a row and has no other shooters on the roster besides an injured Playoff P. Cold world.

    Alright y’all appreciate the dope show as always. Gotta wrap this up quick and go see Endgame again. What a time for the nerds. What a time!

  3. fyahworks


    Rod, jaul George , and maybe Karen

    1)How about dame time, with the shot heard around the world! Then dame adding that sauce, by staring into the camera! And waving bye bye to okc. What a sassy bitch!
    What were you guys thoughts on Paul George saying that dame’s dagger was a bad shot??

    2)I’m not surprised the spurs and nuggets are going to a game 7, but are you guys surprised the warriors and clippers are still going at it? With a game 6 tonight in which I think they will close it out, although I said that about the last game.

    3)I know you guys don’t watch college football or the draft,(neither do I), I usually just wait for alerts. but how ironic the Washington racial slurs took a black qb? Mean while my giants who ultimately had 3 picks in the first round took a qb, some Eli 2.0 type nigga from duke name Daniel Jones! And of course the boos rained down! Now I always say Tom Brady was a 6th round pick back in the days and sometimes you don’t know what u drafted till they actually play, so while a pick might look crazy on paper, anything is possible in the future, I guess time will tell!

    4) last but not least did you guys hear the Tyreek Hill audio? Do we have a an Adrian Peterson reloaded on our hands? Punching a 3 year old square in the chest? Nasty just nasty!!!


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