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BDS 302: Layoff P

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Tyreek Hill audio released, Tim Anderson suspended, WNBA gets CBS deal, Lebron and Kerr react to video, Russell Wilson gift to linemen, Ex-NFL player and wife murdered, OBJ rants against Giants, Magic Johnson was CC’d on a bad email, Luke Walton sexual assault investigation, Magic’s daughter reveals scars, Antonio Brown threatens Ryan Clark, Nick Bosa, Rodney Peete sued, Tom Coughlin warned, D Wade in high demand, Robert Kraft video evidence sealed, Kyler Murray makes history, Dwight Howard countersues, McNabb not apologizing, Dabo Swinney gets the bag and Klay Thompson goes on a date.


  1. Hey Rod and the Jouston Rockets

    I understand a bunch of flopping ass niggas like this complaining about the refs in game 1 so they can get some calls the next game. But these low bottom whiners went back and audited tape from last year? Who are they Saints fans? Let that shit go! I was already rooting for the Warriors because I can’t stand Harden’s game or Chris Balls, but this shit put it over the top.

    And speaking of over the top, how trash do you have to be to turn the White House visit into a trip NOBODY wants to go on? Rod was killing me with them memes from the Baylor women’s team, whole crew was disgusted! Even if you were a Nick Bosa MAGA fan, can you be excited about reheated McDonald’s? At this point I’m surprised he hasn’t turned it into an office potluck and you just bring your own.

    Alright y’all appreciate you as always. And set them toes out summer is here!

  2. jamielscorpio

    05/02/2019 at 9:04 AM

    What up Rod and Jouston Rockets. Can y’all believe these letter of the law playing ass niggas went full white woman let me speak to a manager mode and did a statistical analysis about missed calls from game 7 of LAST Year. Like they didn’t miss a billion threes in a row. Shit is so annoying watching them play and try to make every game a free throw contest. I know ppl hate The warriors winning all time, but these insurance scammers as Bo would call them cannot be the ones who take them down. Preciate the show y’all peace

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