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1888: Pushing Positivity

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Phil G

    Hello the gratuitous person of blackness, I want to say another great medium talk with Kerene Tayloe. So much information that I had not known of, I grew up in Beaumont Texas with a giant petroleum plant less than 5 miles from my mothers house and the College of the city. I never paid any attention to it but you do notice that the two neighborhoods that are closest to this area are predominantly people of color. It wasn’t until I joined the military and a good friend of mine went to the local college did I learn that the college would send out warnings to the students that the city never sent out stating that the plant had a venting or something going on that would pollute the air and that the students should stay indoors or wear protective covering to avoid breathing in the air. So the school cared enough about its students but the city didn’t care about its residents to give out a warning? America the beautiful I guess, I feel lucky to have made it without any major breathing issues, But it is sad that this is how we are treated in this country, and now I am more informed with how to combat this if I get the chance. Thanks for the content Karen and Rod!!!

  2. CC

    Hello darlings.
    Just a quick one. Gina Yashere kinda explained it well to me. About British actors coming over. Know about their Bafta awards? Well in her words “Bafta? Black actors fuck off to Africa'”.
    Anti-blackness. It’s a fucking global thing. The better those Ados fucks gets it the better. Being pro black by being anti black? My ass.

    Anyway have a great day xoxo

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