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1889: Welcome To The Cookout™ George Lucas

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Rod and Karen discuss the passing of John Singleton, Jack Dorsey calls Ilhan Omar, Bill Cosby mad at his insurance company, R Kelly didn’t show up to court because he can’t read, Jussie Smollet news, Baltimore mayor flees the state, Lil Nas X, Social media addiction, Jay-Z controversial freestyle, George Lucas and Mellody Hobson bidding for Ebony and Jet archives, woman encouraging daughter to fight on Snapchat, Cognac heist, rent glue trap theft attempt and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Gothicintellect

    So regarding the JayZ gentrification comments: I disagree with what he said, not because he’s rich or that I don’t personally like him (that’s Beyonce’s husband and Beyonce makes no mistakes). I disagree because it reinforces classism in our community. Yes, I’d much prefer to have black landlords to the white ones, but some black people are just as ruthless toward the working class as anyone else. My parent’s generation still demonizes people on gov assistance as being lazy good for nothings despite that either they or their loved ones use it responsibly. JayZ is advocating for tickle down economics: the nigga edition. I think y’all are addressing the “hottakes” and reactions on twitter, which are usually from left field so I mostly agree with y’all. I would love to hear both you and Karen’s thoughts on how to uplift and protect the lower class in our community w/out depending on the empathy of the middle and upper classes (which may or may not appear). To be clear, I agree that it’ll address the racist aspect of the problem but it doesn’t address the exploitation of the poor.

  2. Paula Howley

    I couldn’t tell at first if y’all were joking or not when you were talking about rape insurance. I need to see if this kind of coverage exists in Canada. How do you GET rape insurance anyway? You go into the office and say “I’ve got a new car I need to insure and I might look at some rape insurance too.” I mean, WHAT does the insurance agent SAY to that? If I worked there I would be telling EVERYONE I KNOW that that motherfucker just bought RAPE insurance so the ladies can get themselves some non-rape insurance. Mind blown.
    Also, Karen, I’ve known lots of white women named Mercedes but they were all strippers.

  3. Law

    Yo Roddenkaren!

    I’m glad y’all covered John Singleton. He was showing us things that mainstream America doesn’t understand, and he showed America the human side of these misunderstood people. It’s a shame that his messages are seen as a myth until CNN is covering something that runs parallel to events in these movies, though.

    I also had no idea about rape insurance, but I’m not shocked. There was slave insurance in the country, too. There’s probably insurance for every situation where somebody of authority can get off on some heinous crime. No pun intended.

    Anyway, Everythang’s Corrupt, like that Ice Cube album. Stay ready!

  4. Raven

    I’m at the part where y’all are talking about Bill Cosby’s insurance complaint and the fact that y’all called it rape insurance has me dying. I work for a commercial insurance company and to answer your question, yes this does exist. It’s called sexual abuse and molestation coverage and is a common form of coverage that can be added to a business’s liability insurance. In my experience I’ve only seen this coverage included for CEOs and other authority figures of a corporation to protect the company’s liability against these types of claims from employees (e.g. an employee accuses a manager of rape, etc).But it is likely that Bill has this type of coverage because he is a wealthy self employed entertainer. Personally I was disgusted when I started working at my company and discovered this coverage exists, but it makes sense when you think about when you think about all the settlements companies have to pay out when they get sued. There’s actually a budget set aside for this type of stuff. Sorry this is so long but I rarely get to flex my insurance knowledge skills. Love y’all and the show.

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