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1890: Pad Thai Burritos

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Rod and Karen are joined by Kaseem Bentley to discuss debut stand up album “Lakeview” coming out this Friday, Pete Davidson, Bobby Brown mad at Chris Rock, Soulja Boy going to jail, Good Times Live, McDonald’s touchscreens, Police director resigns in NJ, Klan on Klan crime, George Zimmerman kick off dating apps, black man stages racial profiling to propose, sneaker thief, spaghetti sauce arson, cop steals steaks and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I kinda get why Pete Davidson might be sensitive about anyone bringing up Arianna Grande and Kate Beckensale because honestly they’re much more famous than him and the only time I hear his name is in connection to those two. I guess that would make a lot of people insecure when you’re more famous for who you date than what you’re actually supposed to be famous for.

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