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1891: Friendzone To The Endzone

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Rod and Karen are joined by J-L Cauvin to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. Dia

    I forgot to mention my oxymoron to describe Tormund. He’s an adorable creep.

  2. Dia

    Great recap of a great episode. I love your recaps because both of you enjoy the show. I tried to listen to another recap for another show last year and all they did was talk about how dumb the writers were, how stupid things were and what THEY would have done. People who work on shows are usually very talented, very creative people. I like snark and constructive criticism, but I don’t like mean spirited critiques. If you don’t like the show, fine but I don’t want to hear it so I tune out podcast that want to shit on a show for 60 minutes. Sorry for that rant, but I just have a soft spot for creatives, writers, artist and performers.

    I think this is my favorite Game of Thrones episode. I did not have any problems viewing the show and I am glad for that. Everything looked great to me. I have watched the episode everyday since it aired.

    I was like you, and had hope and optimism at the beginning of the episode when I saw those swords set afire. I was pumped.

    Question: why do people call Jon stupid all the time? Is this a bandwagon thing because no one can ever tell me specifically why he is dumb. I am not saying he hasn’t made mistakes, EVERY character has, but with Jon I really just see someone who got a lot of lemons, I mean a whole lot of lemons, and tried to make lemonade. I see bravery before stupidity.

    It is hard for me to hate these characters because the actors are sooooo good!

    Have you watched the Behind the Scenes for this episode? It was riveting.

  3. Agnes

    Dany still has some Dothraki left, probably mostly women and children though. Maybe the show will do a time jump bc those dragons got wrecked and need time to heal.. plus, who’s going to clean up all those dead bodies? BTW, the giant that killed Lyanna Mormont was from Hardhome & showed up before the Night King did his resurrection move so it couldn’t have been Wun Wun (who died in Winterfell during the Battle of the Bastards). I was waiting for them to show a wight Hodor but Bran doesn’t give a fuck about anything anymore so the emotional reaction wouldn’t be there.

    Nice to hear JL, God of Impressions back on the pod but I wanted him to give a few Frank Castle Punisher grunts before signing off. Great show as always!

  4. Anonymous

    I agreed with y’all on the aerial attack before sending in the Dothraki. They also should have returned immediately to the castle when the snow blind hit and perched on the wall and lit it up from there for a moment.

    They could have flambeed all those walkers before they crossed the moat.

  5. Miss1ko

    JL reading Biggie lyrics in Cheeto’s voice was so….just wow so appropriate.

    I liked the horror element. They out walking deaded the walking dead!

    I was trying to stay awake for the crowdcast but I didn’t get the notification….IDK how to fix that. I know it was LIT in the chat!

    I’m only 15 minutes into y’alls review but I had to comment.

    Dullerous Ed….was right. Ya boy Sam got him killed.

    I too want a Dothraki prequel…Kinfolk Raping Up CTFU

    Ok back to listening to y’all talk about how the brown folks of Asia/Africa/Essos had to die (instead of using their supposed expert archery skills) so them Northern Hillbillies could live and Sansa can stay the salt queen. (though high key I’m here for her becoming the new Lady Olenna)


  6. Sean

    Arya using a similar technique to the one she used against Brienne to stab the Night King exactly where he was stabbed by the Children of the Forest while Bran stared on thinking in a Spanish accent, “I know something you do not know, she is not left-handed…” it was a beautiful scene without the references to the past of Game of Thrones, but with the depth of the references to the seven previous seasons, it was near perfection…

  7. Law

    Yo! This is the first time I was able to watch y’all live on the crowdcast, and that was pretty dope.

    I think my biggest concern about this episode is that I have more Night King questions than I did before. Like how is he fireproof!?

    I knew the Night King wasn’t completely weak to the heat of flames, but he took a whole ass flamethrower to the face, and I thought that shit was supposed to be super effective against their type.

    There are a lot of people complaining that Arya got the final blow, but I don’t mind. Nobody can match him in brute strength, so taking advantage of his arrogance by being more clever makes sense.

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