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PG 192: Spilling The Wax

Rod and Justin discuss a farting coworker, porn at work, being friends with women, pedicures, holding babies, YMCA basketball, dress code for parents, Uber Eats for kids at school, pregame news and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Queen K, and Jonald Trump,

    How in THE hell do you lose a billion dollars? Billion with a b, in the 1980s? And hold up, didn’t this man get around 400 million from his dad’s companies over the years? So even with that money you still took a billion Ls. I can’t tell if this man is the greatest tax cheat in the history of Earth or the worst businessman ever. All the people who voted for this dude need to be slapped one real good time, but I digress.

    Justin, are you supporting these black women in Potomac? I know the show just started but who are you riding with? I know she’s the Thanos in this universe but I’m with Gizelle. Shade is inevitable. I forgot how bad she trolled Karen, Ray and their tax situation but it was great. I did have a thought come up while I watched the first episode. I’m going to go ahead and ask you this because Rod is too respectful to answer. You have to live with one of them for only 9 months…you living with pregnant Porsha or pregnant Monique?

    Yall have a great weekend, peace,


  2. fyahworks

    Good day rod, Karen, & j thriller in Manila,

    Hope the week has been going good thus far.

    So what’s up with Ayesha curry? Is this why steph hasn’t had a breakout game in the playoffs So far? I heard the red table talk clip but then she made another statement about saying she not pleased sexually and it hurt steph’s feelings. Also that she upset that she hasn’t gotten attention from males out in public. Maybe I wrong but I thought it was a good thing, to be married and not have to worry about being harassed by other men that don’t stand a chance. Just wanted you guys and Karen’s. Thoughts on this.

    Lastly, I just wanna say I loved your avengers recap! My favorite part, when rod say the only thing I didn’t like about the movie was no bathroom breaks. My dumb ass bought a large soda! And I will not like to quote myself from my Facebook page : “ So I just got out of avengers! And you know what hurt the most? U know what made me tear up? You know what was so sad? 15 mins into the movie I had to pee! And I refused to get up and miss any of this movie! I held it like a champ!“

    Niggaz only……only niggaz!


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