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TNO 133: Coon Crow Casting

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Endgame, Ghost Rider TV series, Netflix stock drops after Disney Plus announcement, All Digital Xbox One, GameStop return policy, Star Wars spinoffs, New Mutants not coming out, The Witcher TV show coming late 2019, No racism on old Disney Plus movies, Glass reviews made M Night cry, Deadpool won’t be changed by Disney, Johnny Depp, Nathalie Emmanuel, The Russell’s launching film company, Jax MK11 ending accused of racism, Saints Row Movie, Russo’s not planning on another Avenger’s movie, another Fortnite lawsuit, Sonic The Hedgehog trailer, Masters of the Universe casting, Lord and Miller Sony TV series, Jason Statham, Guardians of the Galaxy 3,  Indiana Jones 5, Endgame Measles scare, Peter Mayhew dies, Legion 3 premiere date set, Riot Games walkout, Endgame box office, Anthem shake up, Borderlands 3 micro-transations controversy, Willow sequel TV series and roaches in consoles.


  1. Felix

    Hey yall. Felix here. I know this is an old episode but I’m only just catching up on premium shows now that I am slightly less broke. Just a quick answer to what Rod was wondering about why stuff like My Hero Academia gets pretty quickly dubbed as opposed to the recent One Punch Man season, Funimation have their own in house dubbing studio so they’re able to produce a lot of dubs quicker than other studios. One punch man is handled by a separate licensor that contracts studios for their dubs so it’s not as efficient a process.

    And the main point also, on the animation production side, My Hero Academia has a way healthier production schedule than alot of anime so they get a good enough amount of episodes completed before it starts airing for every season. That gives funimation time to be able to dub episodes before the broadcast so they can do the simultaneous release. One punch man however this season wasnt in as great a shape. From what I’ve heard they rushed a lot production wise because they didnt have enough preproduction time and only had a few episodes completed before broadcast. That’s why they cant so the same thing that My Hero Academia does.

    The studio that makes HeroAca is known for good planning and they are unfortunately one of the few who plan things out this well in the industry so funimation can only have subbed episodes out a month or so after that initial broadcast for other shows. Hope that answers that for you. Have a good one. Felix out.

  2. KungFuTreachery

    THE MULTI-VERSE (or is it?)! Looking over the synopsis of the new Ghost Rider series, and in lieu of Endgame, what Marvel TV shows are actually part of the MCU continuity BESIDES “Marvel’s Agent Carter”? And do you care?

  3. Truenotes1

    What can my feedback add to what my fellow TNO fans have already said or mentioned. I’m going to try though. I don’t know who’s as excited as I am with Johnathan Hickman is writing X-Men!!! He Nick Spencer and Jason Aaron are a couple of my favorite writers. What he did on Fantastic Four, the Ultimates, Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Secret Wars, and Indie/Image comic The Black Monday Murders. Had me recommending & rereading them since I first read them. I. Am. Pumped.

    I also have to agree with Dr_Doughstax. Whitemen really hate Brie Larson and Captain Marvel. I had to stop talking to some white guys at my job because they complain about diversity and things they believe are SJW. I can’t argue with these dudes anymore. As you and Karen have been saying and I’ve taken it to heart. They can’t take my joy, and happiness of seeing representation for my kids and myself on the screen. A.K.A yucking my yum. Before Endgame came out, my son was saying Captain Marvel was his favorite Marvel movie. That was his favorite movie until Endgame. Im not going to going to say to him, you’re wrong, X, Y Z is the best here’s why. Nope. He got joy from Captain Marvel. I did as well.

    I also got sucked into a rabbit hole while watching a video on YouTube about Endgame. And saw sooo many videos shitting on Captain Marvel, and Last Jedi. And most of them are all from the same channels. It’s like if they didn’t have Star Wars or Captain Marvel to talk about they’d have no content. I won’t say their full names but they have bullshitters in their name.

    And in closing. Speaking of Star Wars the Game of thrones writers are going to be the next SW trilogy can’t wait. One more thing, though. I have had this argument with my family members before, but I’ve thought about it more since Game of thrones The long night battle. When Theon died a “hero” even after he killed those kids. Which brings me to Vader killing those younglings in the Jedi temple in Revenge of the sith. And thinking that there is no way you can come back from the darkside after doing something like that. Let alone everything they’ve expanded upon in his solo books. Ok, that is all for my rambling. Thanks guys, peace.

  4. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod Kriss Karen and Aaron,

    Soooo niggas is mad at Game of Thrones. Like Rod I was literally on my couch laughing my ass off at Danerys burning Kings landing to the ground. And then even more at niggas on twitter and Facebook losing their mind. This shit reminded me of the Walking Dead episode where Negan had them niggas lines up with that bat. And to make it even better GoT only has one more episode so they know the whole world gonna tune in anyways lmao Brilliant!! At this point I’m rooting for chaos so I hope Danny kills Jon Snow next episode just to send niggas completely over the edge.

    Also did y’all see that agreement that Sony and Microsoft came to about sharing cloud service and gamin servers. Nigga we might be one step away from cross platform gaming. Do y’all think this is something these companies could come to an agreement on or is it still wishful thinking.

    Lastly Rod is John Wick officially the greatest Impossible White Man of All time. Just when I thought he couldn’t go any higher he took that shit to another level in John Wick 3. They even had Halle Berry out there fucking niggas up. And it looks like we getting a 4 I know some ppl think it should be over but I will be there opening weekend for as long as he wants to do it.

    Keep up all the great conten

  5. Amani

    Can we all just take a minute to put some respect on the name of my lord and savior of petty Eobard Thawne? The levels to this nigga’s scheming and ain’t shit disrespect! Barry gotta give this man the vibrating hands at this point because my man has played him and his entire family too many times. Between this and the Arrow finale, Crisis next season can’t get here soon enough!

    I’m sure people are gonna be sending their hot takes about Robert Pattinson as Batman if those rumors are true, but I went back in the archives and listened to the Nerd Off #14 Ben Affleck when he got cast all the way back in 2013 and for all the ups and downs that nigga never even made it a solo Batman movie. And even then folks were clowning the nigga from Daredevil getting a chance to play Bruce, and as frustrating as the DCEU turned out to be, Ben’s performance wasn’t the problem. I’m just letting that stress go until I see it on the big screen. Hell we saw a trailer for New Mutants two years ago and they pushed that movie back another 8 months.

    And I know you saw the good news Rod. Rick and Morty coming in November! We back!!

  6. Dr_Doughstax

    Sup nigga nerds,

    I hope all is well. And I apologize in advance for the length of this.

    I was talking with 3 of my white friends about Avengers Endgame and while we were all gushing about Carol Muthafuckin Danvers doing all the damn things, one dude abrubtly mentions that Carol Danvers is unlikable and Brie Larson herself is unlikable cuz she doesn’t want white men to review her movies. Then he dent us a link to a YouTube video of 3 white guys from Wisconsin reviewing Captain Marvel. That shit was 33 minutes long. I told him I ain’t watching cuz I don’t trust 3 white dudes to review Captain Marvel and not be on that fuckshit.

    And I realized something: my nerd podcasts are like the Pre Game: Niggas Only.

    And I dunno know if this is just a thing with y’all respective podcasts and others on the Chitlin Circuit (GATSPod, ADD Space, etc.), but a major difference between all y’all and all those unwashed neckbearded ass bigots is that y’all approach shit cuz y’all *enjoy* things. It ain’t a community built on hate or anger or FOMO.

    Shit, Angry Video Game Nerd is the only white dude on YouTube i watch and that’s cuz his ass calmed down so much, which is wild.

    Not to say I don’t fall out laughing when y’all roast things. Honestly, Karen, only thing better than hearing you hit Nintendo with that 400 degrees Kahlessi fire is hearing how much you enjoy having a Switch. Also, hearing you speak so highly about Stardew Valley got me playing it.

    Also, these white people out here being messy as shit! Messy enough to cross from white folk twitter to Black Twitter messy! Heidi O’Farrell’s mentions still full of niggas saying, “I don’t know who these people are but I’m on Heidi side”. And since Randy Pritchford is basically Handsome Jack, does that make the Boarderland series his biography?

    Sorry again for the length of this, but thanks for all the work y’all do. The days are dark and full of terrors, but y’all make the shit manageable. So thank you.

  7. Smashedkrimpets

    I have been binge-listening to this and the pregame ever since I got the premium password stuff straightened out (with your help). I can’t even fake the funk and act like the issue wasn’t me. I probably missed some clear instruction or directive but a playa is back on track and my cup runneth over with #TBGWT! Please tell me I am not the only one who wants an Ava DuVernay lead Blue Marvel series starring Michael Jai White on Disney+. I’m playing Apex too just like the bull with the daughter. I love how you can mute the team. I’m here to have fun, run, shoot, die repeat. I’m not here for all that tactical mess. I want to see Sonic on the strength of Jim Carey to be honest, but my hatred for that Coolio song is stronger that my fond childhood memories of getting all of the Chaos Emeralds. If they would have given me Lost Boyz, Craig Mack or Kriss Kross, I would be all in. Does anyone else play the Pinball FX games on Live? I dig Moon Knight, Avengers, and The Lost World, I used to laugh at the old people in the Arcade playing pinball, now Im playing pinball on Xbox live. How the mighty have fallen.

  8. Clarence Crawford and some more

    Sonic looks like someone who had to much time on their hand tried to make a new sort of sex puppet. Would probably be more popular than the Man Sex Doll. Just saying.

    Btw you do realize that MS could have made all the digital games the way they wanted. Even Sony Japan managed to make their physical PSP games converted to Digital for all who had them. Anyway looking forward to it. For some stupid reason I’m a lil excited for a new console which I can barely use but buy games for anyway lol :mjcry:

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