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1892: Hooked Like Crack, Honey

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Anonymous

    One of the things I really struggle with this podcast is just how general rod speaks on things when it comes to social media. He constantly points out the flip flops of people on social media to an almost exhaustive extent, but as a listener it’s not really even clear that he is talking about the same people. Just general opinions, from certain demographics. There have been multiple episodes that have grinded to a halt so rod can talk about different opinions on social media. It’s not that these things aren’t valid things to point out, but the point always ends up being people are one way about this and another way about that. When it comes to the jay z critiques, a lot of what I saw was a discussion on why capitalism will not save us as a people.

    • rodimusprime

      1. A listener asked the question about Jay-Z. Which is why the show was “ground to a halt” to answer it thoroughly.
      2. I follow the same people on social media all the time and I curate my list. So I’m literally talking about the same people who praised Nipsey were going at Jay-Z neck for his freestyle.
      3. Even the idea of launching into a conversation about capitalism rather than directly talking about Jay-Z’s rap is proof that people cared more about Jay-Z being the one who brought it up. When it was Nipsey it was universally praised to buy up the block and help your fellow black folks living there.
      4. I keep it to general opinions because I don’t want to on our show and name specific names. It would only be messy and cause problems. So instead I talk about the general sentiment and tone of the conversation from my perspective. Based on who you choose to follow on social media you will have a different experience than I do.
      5. Thank you for listening.

  2. HvyWght

    In regards to Jay Z’s freestyle, I feel like the lines about “crabs in the barrel” directly contradicts the idea that Jay Z is advocating for taking advantage of the poor. “We can easily get out of the barrel if we stand on each other’s back. Whoever gets on top, as long as they stay attached, they gone pull everybody out. I was doing just that.” To me, that’s laying out the plan for the rich and upper class that got there standing on the shoulders of those that came before them, reaching back and pulling up those less fortunate. And, I genuinely feel like the good work Jay Z has been doing for years now should dictate giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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