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1893: The Black King Of England

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, Bubonic plague outbreak, Facebook secret crushes, people may need a measles booster shot, Kanye sued, Farrakhan banned from Facebook, bartender arrested for serving mass shooter, black mayor has cops called on him at the bank, black pageant winners, MED’s grandson called slur, black man vindicated at trial, black man killed by neighbor, Justine Damond’s family receives 20 million, White People News, woman strips at strip mall, gravy leads to child porn discovery, cafeteria worker shoots bbs at kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    I’ve never been in the wild but I do live in NYC. We got Squirrels, rats, and pigeons that I’m positive would kill me if I walk too close to them so I am sure as fucking hell know that ingesting them nasty MFers will take me smooth out. If I had to choose between zombie apocalypse or dying from eating a squirrel, it’s gonna be death by zombie.

    I did lmao when you said that white people would get vaccinations if they thought the lack of them would turn them black. Lol.

  2. bamil73

    There were two stories you discussed where I agree the right thing happened but I still feel fucked with anyway.

    The first is the cop that shot the lady that called 911 in Minnesota. Did you know that the prosecutor, when faced with the officer’s testimony that he saw something moving in the alley that looked threatening, asked “what’s so threatening about blonde hair and a pink shirt?”. If that had been a black woman, they would not have asked a similar question because “niggers are naturally threatening”, so it’s “understandable” that the cop killed Philando Castile and it’s “understandable” that the cop killed Mike Brown, because we are barely civilised beasts that will inflict pain and violence without a moment’s notice. I do think the cop needs to go to prison because there is this attitude amongst police in the US that the most important part of their job is going home safe, at the expense of every thing else. Not a duty to protect and serve the public, but to make sure nothing happens to them, the officer. This attitude seems to provide cover for all manner of transgressions. “I slammed that 14 year old to the ground and emptied my service revolver into him because he presented a threat and at the end of the day, I need to get home to my family”. This case fucks with me because we are yet to see the same level of accountability when the victim is black.

    The second is Louis Farrakhan. I actually think it’s good that Facebook banned this nigga. He’s always saying some hateful shit about gay people and about women and Jews. It isn’t lost on me that white evangelicals spout the same hateful rhetoric and are still allowed to flourish on the platform. They should also be booted. It’s kinda like the Cosby situation. If he hadn’t tried to buy NBC, white america would have ignored his history of sexual assault and he would be a free man today. I’m kidding, I know he wasn’t trying to buy NBC, but my point is that just because there is a history of black men being falsely accused of violating white women by looking at them, doesn’t mean that Cosby isn’t a piece of shit rapist. Applied to Farrakhan, just because he can wax eloquently about racial injustice doesn’t belie that fact that he would seek to ignore and vilify a large swath of the black community because of their sexuality.

    One a separate note, this bubonic plague mess makes me realise how fragile our modern world is. Some douchebag decides to eat a wild rodent in Mongolia, and exposes a plane full of people to the motherfucking black death, the bubonic plague. Also, why it gotta be the “black death” huh?


  3. Andrea

    Listen, when Rod hit that “Saaaaaaaaave” note from The Smallville theme song, I fucking lost it!!! Great show, as always, fam!

  4. Shera

    Soooo about that mayor who had the cops called on him…There is a long history of political misconduct in Mount Vernon, NY. The former mayor Ernie Davis pled guilty to tax evasion charges while he was in office. The current mayor (mentioned in your segment) was arrested in March on corruption charges. I’m not really fucked with at all about the cops being called on his ass.

    • alycecoleman@gmail.com

      I used to work for the local paper in Westchester. I always thought that mayor looked like a Great Value Drake.
      Love, Anonymous (just kidding) Alyce

  5. SymSymma

    I barely made it 10 minutes in and I laughed so hard at that dead squirrel eating couple. How do you eat wild Mongolian squirrel and buy plane tickets? Rod tried to kill me . This show is the best part of my Monday. Let me go enjoy the rest of the episode. Y’all are the best!

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