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1894: Black Executive Fan Fiction

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Rod and Karen discuss one of Rod’s favorite genres of movies, Ayesha Curry on The Red Table, men who have no friends put a burden on the women in their lives, news anchor fired in Baltimore, Houston high school dress code, man uses father as getaway driver, HOA director shoots at kids over the pool, man livestreams shootout with cops and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kimberly S

    First I want to say your show is amazing. It helps me process current events where it’s not so heavy on my heart. Also, when I hear you guys laughing or celebrating it feels like a win for me as well. Let me stop before I drop a couple thug tears. Keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are great.

    In my opinion, insecurity does not excuse misogyny. When Ayesha Curry interrupted the reporter doing her job, that was sexual harassment. Everyone on twitter was calling the reporter a hoe and @ ing her. I’m glad Ayesha was open and honest but she didn’t apologize or address her misogyny. My friend was a waitress and she’s beautiful and a lesbian. She would address the wife while serving and still get disrespected and not tipped. A woman’s husband can go after a single woman and the woman will be blamed. Steph curry needs to grow up and make sure he’s representing his wife. “He’s a nice guy, he doesn’t even know.” Well HE is the one in the relationship and should ultimately have the responsibility. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense lol I’m typing fast. Have a great day guys!

  2. Evie E

    Rod you forgot to mention a Black Executive Fan Fiction Hall of Famer featuring our Lord and Savior Beyonce Christ and Idris Elba. Obsessed. That movie was so bad it was good. I love those types of movies because the plots are so ridiculously over the top but it’s good seeing black people living that american dream in the big fancy house with the ambiguous jobs. Another good one was No Good Deed. Her husband was some kind of executive and they lived in a huge house and then Idris came to fuck everything up. So glad these now have a category of their own.

  3. Iman

    Y’all this episode had me all in my feelings! Originally I was going to leave a voicemail, but every time I got in my mind about what I wanted to say, I’d get so angry and bothered. It’s the holy month of Ramadan for us Muslims and we try really hard not to get angry or curse during this month, and if I left a voicemail about this Ayesha Curry thing I’d be angry and curse. So hopefully y’all don’t mind cursing and voicing my bothered-ness for me. If it’s not too much trouble could you read my comments as a mixture of an incredulous Millie Grant and an indignant Leslie Jones? Here they are:
    Everyone acting like they don’t understand what Ayesha is talking about is a DAMN LIE!! They are either perpetrators of this blatant disrespectful bull shit or they’re blind. But even being blind is no excuse because Ray Charles pulled mad bitches, ole “hhehee I hear a hummingbird” ass niggas! I’ve peeped this game since I was 9! Women coming up to my dad in a store acting like they wanted to talk about his work or they were interested in becoming a foster parent. No you’re not hoe! You’re interested all right, interested in breaking up my happy family! And he’s only locally known. I can only imagine how bold some folks are when your husband is famous famous. And I believe her comments about not getting the same kind of attention was more about the hypocrisy of it all, rather than being insecure. It’s all steeped in misogyny. And like Karen said that women are seen as property. And it’s almost expected or easily forgiven if a man has a wondering eye or cheats, unless his wife is equally or more famous than him. It’s like that joke Chris Rock had about how if a guy sees another guy with a great woman he goes “wow she’s I need to find a woman like her. But if a woman sees a great man she goes “wow he’s great, I need to get him!” Hoe this isn’t a group project! He’s great because I did all this work, I’m great therefore he is great now. He would not be him without me! Take me out the picture and you’ll just be left with lump of clay I had to work with!
    And that’s why Olivia Pope messes up falling in love with Fitz’s sad ass! YOU ARE A BOI! That’s the house that Millie built! ok rant over. Sorry if I was all over the place with this. But many a woman knows what it’s like to meet one of your husband’s classmates/friends/associates and you can tell they like him by how overly nice they are to you. They give you a big hug after looking you up and down. And their energy is all off compared to their other women friends. The difference with me is I don’t keep that to myself or try to be cute about it. I tell him right away “don’t trust that girl”. And I’ve always been right!!

    Love y’all

  4. Mitchell S.

    Hey Rod and Karen, as always I have to say I love the show and yall are awesome! I love Black Executive Fan Fiction movies. When I don’t feel like doing much on the weekends I find myself watching a lot of the movies on my amazon prime. I think Rod has a valid point about how the black characters have to do the most to keep what they have. The literally have to fight life and limb in a very egregious way, but in some aspects it is the reality we live In.. in some cases it is “get rich or die tryin” because depending on your career field you could be the best and that still won’t be enough. A few of my favorite Black executive fan fiction movies include “Obsessed” with Idris and Beyonce, Daddy’s Girls, The Family that Preys, and realistically any other movie with Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut cause like yall said they are always in these types of movies. This is why I love this podcast cause yall just get me. yall my people lol. Peace!

  5. Mdmebutterfly

    I’d just like to quickly say, y’alls pauses when you read something wild are severely underrated. I don’t be watching the Crowdcast all the time but I be silently shaking my head with y’all.

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