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1895: Dany Targaryen’s The Last Dragon

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Rod and Karen are joined by Nic Ju of What’s The Tea Podcast to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. Doug B

    The show runners should have just had Missandei just jump off the wall with Cersei. Other than that I don’t see what anyone has to complain about. The characters are different from what we’ve seen of them. The writing isn’t trash. Nobody watching was gonna get the exact story they were dreaming in their heads.

  2. Evie E

    I want Dany to burn every single person person in King’s Landing. Those were the same mother fuckers who cheered when Ned was beheaded. And its full of disloyal kids who can be bought with candy. Those are the same people who fling doo doo at people. Red Keep Red Keep Red Keep is on Fire. We don’t need no water let the mother fuckers burn.

  3. Marlo

    It’s not just book readers, casual fans are upset too and not just because of the show ending. The writing has been lazy. Characters are behaving in ways that make no sense based on the past, things happen that defy logic just to move the plot along (ie, Dany missing the Iron Fleet & not scouting ahead even tho she had mentioned it all season & had her ships ambushed before, Euron’s crazy accuracy in shooting down Rhaegal, etc).

    The show runners have lost their passion and went against G RR Martin’s request to have two full seasons (7 extra episodes), when they could have just handed the reins to more capable producers without rushing to end the series. They took an extra year to prepare season 8! Also, regarding the response to Sansa evolving bc of her sexual abuse, many are highlighting that no women directed or wrote an episode of GoT since season 5. No POC either when you consider the treatment of non-white characters (The Dothraki, Missandei). To quote Varys Hilton: nothing should be rewarded with blind loyalty. One of the GoT prequels have already cast 4 black actors for lead roles, 3/4 are women. I love GoT and even at its worst it’s still great television but we can’t underestimate the power of constructive criticism (vs just being a hater). It’s the reason Dan & Dave’s whack-ass HBO Confederate show got fridged. lol

    • Iman

      Hmmm, I never thought of it like that. But as a book reader. I’m not upset about the way the show is ending. They’ve been off book for awhile now and I’m just waiting for the next books! Like is GRRM just toying with us? Did he already finish the books and is just waiting to release them after he dies so we can’t ask follow up questions?! Like how Harry Potter fans on Twitter have been with JK Rowling? They’re complaining about her now, but they brought it on themselves! .

  4. Mary Miller

    Oh my goodness, how I’m enjoying this! Trying not to laugh out loud at work.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      Same here. I’m here for the GoT jokes. Gonna miss these recaps. Nic Ju was so much fun. I love your recaps because it’s like watching TV with my family.

  5. Anonymous

    At first I was upset with the narrative choice of killing Missandei but I get it now. Her death bookends the episode with Jorah’s funeral at the beginning. Her two most trusted advisers. The ones that were with her from the beginning. All the good shit she’s done, she did based on advice from either of those two people. As a matter of fact, her hand, Tyrion, joined the team with all sorts of hype. He was going to be a mature, calming force on the team, putting up respectable numbers all season and be that presence that would help them get to the finals. However, Jimmy Butler, I mean Tyrion, has made bad decision after bad decision. If she didn’t listen to him, she would have fucked up Cersei at the Red Keep THEN gone to fight the threat in the North, after which she’d worry about winning over the hearts and minds of the people. That was not to be because of Tyrion’s bad advice. You said you were hoping for Missandei to take Cersei down with her, but my narrative wish for Cersei to kill Tyrion when he was standing there shouting up to Cersei, because, My God, how many times is this nigga going to trust her humanity.

    The thing I find that was so good about the episode was when Varys and Tyrion were debating, both of them made good points. Varys was wary about people that claim that destiny is on their side while Tyrion has seen the good she’s done and believes her intentions are straight. Even during the planning session, Sansa’s point about resting the armies was equally as valid as Danerys’ point about not giving Cersei time to breathe. This gives me hope about the writing over the next two episodes. They have me wanting both Sansa and Dany to get what they want, even though I know that can`t happen.

    Only two episodes left. To quote Doctor Stephen Strange, “we’re in the endgame now”.


    • Marlo

      I gotta agree with Amil. Most of Dany’s misfortunes happened after she made Tyrion her hand. Lady Olenna told her point blank that sometimes clever men don’t give good advice & that was how she outlived them. Dany has her armies intact and had all 3 dragons at the start of season 7. The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get with Tyrion.. which is why I thought if anybody was sabotaging Dany, it was him. He knows how crazy & ruthless his sister is yet he keeps giving her chances. UGH!

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