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BDS 304: JPP Loses His Grip

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Lakers front office, Kyrie, D’Angelo Russell caught with weed, white power at the Cubs game, Clemson’s Steve Smith fired, Seth Curry talking shit, Dennis Rodman accused of stealing, North Korea, Richard Sherman is cool with Bosa, Georgia sprinter injured, Zach Smith arrested again, BBB is back, Silver wants women to ref and coach, Danica Patrick gets a drink, college trial convictions and Lebron donates a milly!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and J Trillious Lannister,

    Shouts out to West Coast Knicks for lowballing Tye Lue with a 3 year contract and acting like LeBron James is at fault and that the council of headassery that runs the team. Who ever thought that Dan Gilbert would look like the more stable and intelligent owner than someone else? High key, should New Orleans refusing the Lakers trade offer (petty as it was) been the wake up call that the Lakers don’t have the same mystique of old? And did it go unheeded cuz every level of the Lakers front office is as smart as Kyle Lowry trying to nutmeg someone in a playoff game?

    Justin, on a scale of 1 to Kyle Lowrey scoring 0 points in a playoff game, how ashamed should the Lakers front office be? How the hell are the Lakers gonna sign Kemba at this rate?

    For the record, I love the idea of advanced stats but can I just say how much I love that the two teams that shamelessly embraced being dorks are both out the playoffs?

    Shouts out to the Houston Rockets. Y’all was right, these niggas have no shame. Basketball Gods don’t like ugly and what would be uglier than the team that *audited* the conference finals to claim they should’ve won a title? James Harden out here collecting And 1’s in the name of efficiency? And Chris Balls. Oh Chris Balls. Did y’all know that Chris Balls had a 6 inch growth halfway through high school and went from being 5’6 to 6’0 in a single summer? The lord blessed this man with legit going from being short to tall in a single summer and he has dedicated his career to punching people in the nuts and flailing like Daffy Duck. Always happy to see them lose.

    Oh and Philly? I’ve watched Cleveland sports all my life and we never became so shameless we gave losing a cute nickname. Kawhi cooked the fuck outta y’all and he had to beat Philly *and* Kyle Lowrey existing. Which ways do y’all think they gonna fuck up this off season?

    Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  2. fyahworks

    Greetings Karen, rod and jj McCollum

    Rod I wanna do this like how you do random thoughts…..

    1)cj, So you didn’t listen to KD and decided to be worried about what’s was going on at the “top of things” and it got you to the western conference finals! Won’t win but how ironic we went from that podcast interview to this!

    2. so Kristaps got some kris-slaps in his hometown? Idk guys Dallas seems like a bad luck franchise! Scandals in the front office! Then the Kristaps rape allegations now this? Luka keep your nose clean bruh!
    3. So will embiid say the game winner by kawhi was a bad shot? Like Paul George said about dame?
    4. So Lamar Odom came out and said he has been with 2000 women and he is a sex addict! So crack and butt crack Odom? (In my Michael b Jordan voice) “Khloe is this your king??”

    5. Lastly I have a question, after another disappointing season for Houston where the State Farm commercials with harden and Chris balls are more fun then the games, do you think the rockets get better? Stay the same ? Or take a step back next season!
    Have a great weekend


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jominic Rivera

    So how’d that Jimmy Butler trade work out? They got him so they could get out of the 2nd round and not get punked in the East anymore right? 5-14 with 4 rebounds and 1 assist in Game 7? Might as well have been Demar Derozan. Meanwhile we saw what happens when they have to play an ACTUAL top 10 NBA player like Kawhi. They’re supposed to have the best starting lineup in the conference and you go down to a one man team? You hate to see it.

    And shout out to the Rockets. They’ve been whining all season about how the refs stole game 7, and they would have won last year if Chris Balls didn’t get hurt. Now they have their turn with KD out, everybody banged up for the Warriors and still can’t get it done? James Harden takes ONE shot in the last 10 minutes of the game like he’s Ben Simmons? Meanwhile CP Never Left Round 3 is out here putting up Kyle Lowry numbers? Funny to ya boy!

    I do need KD to come back healthy for this Portland series. Rod called it last week, that boy CJ was balling in Game 7! I know y’all have always liked his game, but you know what we’re really here for! Time to find out what really goes on at the top of things.

    But I see how it is. I go on vacation for ONE WEEK and y’all start lobbing Knicks slander at my head like I’m Kristaps Porzingis. It really be your own people. Ain’t nobody need your bad energy jinxing that Zion pick we were gonna trade for AD. Now look what y’all did. It’s okay, we’re gonna sign KD, steal Kemba from y’all and make some noise in the east next year. Do I believe any of that? Of course not, I’m delusional, not stupid! But am I gonna beat my chest and yell about it until it doesn’t happen and we end up with JJ Redick and Julis Randle on max deals? You’re goddamn right!

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