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BDS 305: Jimmy Butler Ruined The 6ers

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid gets support after crying, Chris Paul, 2 Chainz minority ownership in Hawks G-League, Knicks thirsty as hell, Tristan petty on Mother’s Day, Josh Jackson arrested, Anthony Davis still wants out, Tiger named in lawsuit, NCAA explores paying players, Terry Bradshaw racial slip up, Drake using the curse, Paul Pierce sued, Peterson suspended, NBA free agency, Zion’s not going back to Duke, no punishment for soccer racism and Ayesha Curry.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and J DeBarge State Warriors,

    It is with a great sadness I realize that the simple pragmatism of “the lesser of two evils” is too stringent a test for of my fellow niggas. It is difficult to watch people abandon principle and ignore the cause and effect of what they support. But sadly, I’ve come to the realization that many folks simply hate Golden State more than they hate Drake and I am appalled. That man is hiding a child and folks want to see him happy? Niggas. I am disgusted.

    Kyle Lowry dropped 20 points in…Game 1 and 2 combined. And he scored 13 points in Game 2. This the horse people want? 7 points in an NBA Final and a cheerleader playing deadbeat boarder patrol? For shame.

    Never in my regular ass life could I have tatted someone’s name and number on me and then talk cash shit to them. Thankfully, the good lord remembered not liking ugly, switched reality back on and the Warriors came back in Game 2 something fierce. E-40 must’ve told them niggas it was time to fucking go and go off they did. Shouts out to Jon B Thompson for calling the Warriors lightwork, too.

    Oh and Rob Pelinka is a chronic pathological liar who’d lie to Jesus if he had the chance.

    Welcome back from break. Y’all work so damn hard and I’m always sincerely glad when y’all take a breather and relax. Happy y’all are back and can’t wait for Saturday’s show!

    Oh and y’all put me onto that Snowfall show. Almost done with the first season and that shit is straight John Blaze.


  2. Teamwombraider

    Hola Rod & Jawai Leonard,

    Thank you for all the spin on the underside of athletics (F—k sports). Players doping, failing scheduled tests (wink wink) and the daily “fly out” Instagram stories. You guys leave no stones unturned.
    With the Raptors making the finals. Kawai made everyone forget about Bosh, Rosen and Carter. Heck even Stoudamire!
    Every week I learn something new for you guys.
    Thanks again,

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and C Jay McCollum

    KD tried to warn him! He did all that hating before the season mad because they got Cousins, folks talking about the Warriors ruined the league, and now you have a chance to prove your point on the court. And how’d you play? Like an 8 seed. No Durant, no Boogie, no Igoudala and you get swept? The top of things just ain’t for you!

    And look out Magic out here throwing the soup! Folks thought he didn’t have the stomach to fire Luke but oh no, this nigga wanted him GONE. He out here naming names and spilling all the tea. Meanwhile they’ve got 37 ex-Lakers all trying to get their two cents in and Phil Jackson signing off on your coaches now? And they admitted the only reason they didn’t want Kidd to be the head coach is because of his domestic violence history. But what’s gonna happen when they inevitably fire Frank Vogel who got dropped by the Orlando Magic and put him in by the All-Star break. Y’all clowning my Knicks, but as an expert on dysfunctional and trash franchises all the signs with the Lakers are there.

  4. fyahworks

    Salutations rod & jyreke evans

    1. I don’t if it was roids, reefa or both, but tyreke caught that 2 year time out! With him being 29, he will probably play overseas for the time being, or home playing 2k! But do you guys think he will get back in the league or his career as a nba journeyman is done?

    2. so the recipe to selling a book as an nba player isn’t setting records and winning rings! It’s fucking 2000 women and wearing fake penises to pass drug test! Do you guys believe in the Kardashian curse that has been spoke about? Like when guys date them girls it affects their careers/lives?

    3. So drakes been cooning on the sidelines and giving out free shoulder rubs for the head coach in Toronto! I’ve been enjoying it! Do you guys have an issue with drake, ambassador of the raptors acting a fool on the sidelines?

    4. Last but not least….. niggaz only!!!!
    Have a great holiday weekend guys


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