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TNO 134: The Calculators And The Compasses

Rod, Karen, Aaron, Kriss and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Robert Pattinson is Batman, Rick and Morty coming back, MS and Sony partnering on streaming, AMC wants more Walking Dead, Chadwick to play a Black Samurai, Nintendo Switch outsold PS4 in Japan, Legend of Zelda live action show on Netflix, Avatar 2 pushed back, Randy Pritchford drama, Michelle Rodriguez in for Furious 9, Chris Rock rebooting Saw, Crisis on Infinite Earths will be a 5 hour crossover, Disney shelves Gambit, The Tick is cancelled, Game of Thrones fans launch petition, James Gunn shares his perspective on firing and rehiring, Aladdin reviews are positive, tariffs will affect tech prices, Darkwing Duck, PS4 game gifting, Epic and MS make up, Senator introduces bill to ban loot boxes, Deathstroke animated TV show, Rescue Rangers live action, Dark Phoenix expected to tank and Grumpy Cat died.


  1. Hi lovelies. Great episode, y’all some lovely nerds! I ain’t gonna call you Nigg-Erds or whatever Rod said lol
    As one who has only read the books of GoT, well not all. I saw a picture of the nigga when book 4 was coming out and I backed off. “That man is gonna die before he finishes these books” I thought and I would prefer to not waste my time. As I later did with Robert Jordans The Wheel of Time.
    Imma start reading, A song of Ice and Fire, again. As soon as that man releases the books.
    Until then I’m probably just gonna re-read The Deed of Paksenarrion, was nearly 25 years since I last read all the books. It and it deserves more love. If you didn’t get it it was a suggestion for you to read.
    Oh and to jump back to GoT. For everyone complaining about the Showrunners? Aren’t y’all glad to see how they grew? From adding rape scenes in an already rape infested script to just ignoring them and still managing to make y’all feel enough to cry and be pissed it wasn’t what you wanted? It sounds like they did good in my book lol

    Ooh btw y’all saw the right wing gaming nutters go full on stupid online? With the 25%, increase from 15%, tariffs added to the consoles? How they TRUSTED TRUMP to not touch their games? I’m having a good time here. Sorry for the rest of y’all that ain’t bat shit crazy nazi scum.

    y’all take care and thanks for listening to my ramblings xoxo

  2. pretty tomboy

    05/25/2019 at 8:40 AM

    Hi Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron. I love the show and have been listening for years so I figured you four would be the best place to get my question answered. I’m a new gamer (y’all’s fault) and I’m still learning which games I like. I love Spyro. I also have Crash Bandicoot. Both kids games (I know). I got Spiderman too but for giggles really. It whooped my ass but I think I just need to get used to the controller (I have a PS4). Do you have any recommendations? I tried Little big planet and I HATED IT.

    Always a big fan of you four from waay in the back (introverts unite!) LOL. Thanks for your help and have a great show!

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