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PG 195: Blame Vs Accountability

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Trump’s Cuba ban, The Dumpling Lady, going to the bank, podcasts becoming more known, our stay-cation, movies, food, Chernobyl, When They See Us, The Chi, Lena Waithe, pregame news and your feedback.


  1. Amani

    My niggas! Of course I’m glad to hear from y’all again, but you’re fam and frankly I’m happier that you let yourselves take that long of a break. This shit was long overdue and you could hear it wearing you down. I know it’s hard to say don’t worry about us because it’s your business, but fuck these niggas, do what you need to do for your happiness man.

    Even got Justin coming through with the fresh cut doing big things! I’m here to see y’all winning and just being real so trust your own gut and never be afraid of new experiences.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod, Justin and Karen,

    Just writing to find out if you watched the returns of Claws, Pose and Queen Sugar. Heart-tugging, Up-lifting, make you wanna slap all the white people, Black ratchet, goodness is back and the summer has begun.

    Justin, when Iyanla called that family park monkeys the other week, I just knew you were getting your life to Oprah Gone Wrong.

  3. bamil73

    Hola Negritos

    I, like J-Ava DuVernay, watched part four of When They See Us with tears in my eyes. That’s because we some real niggas. There was a scene when Korey was in solitary and he said to that prison guard “I like when you call me “kid””. Man, that took me out. He’s here in prison, tried as an adult because he was being a kid. He went to park to be rowdy with his friends on a Friday night, like any kid wants to do, and he went down to the police station just to look out for his friend, shit kids do. The fact that they admitted to this heinous crime, just to please the adults in the room, just prove how young they were. They were fucking children. The whole saga of those five boys has always struck something in me. For one, it made me appreciate growing up in a majority black country. Jamaica has it’s problems and issues to be sure, but no one was looking at my 16 yr old self and seeing anything other than a 16 year old. That episode four boy. Fucked me up. Mostly because i saw myself in them. They wore the same goofy high top fades that I used to covet and could never pull off because my barber always fucked it up.

    Anyway, I just wanted to clear up something. In your discussion of the mini-series last show, you were wondering if Lederer’s change of heart was written in or actually happened. The truth is neither. Lederer, the prosecuting attorney, played by Vera Farminga did not seem to have much of a change of heart in real life or the movie. The person that had a change of heart, somewhat, was Nancy Ryan, played by Famke Janssen (she played Jean Gray in the first set of X-Men movies). in the first episode Nancy Ryan was the head prosecutor of the homicide division while Fairstein was the head prosecutor of the sex crimes unit. There were a couple of scenes where Ryan and Fairstein go head to head to determine who would take the case and Fairstein won that battle. In real life and as portrayed in the show, Ryan was the one that worked to vacate the convictions after Reyes confessed to committing the rape by himself. She was apparently blasted by the police union and left the DA’s office shortly after and has held a low profile ever since. If I’m not mistaken, she may actually have been a producer on the series.

    PS your Jamaican accents are horrendous, but they are adorable.


    • CEPETE88

      What’s good Rod, Karen and Justin,

      I’m a Godzilla fan from my childhood and Rod was 100% correct on the movie. That story line and writing was TERRIBLE. I fuck with Ken Watanabe but I’m convinced he only got that role so they could have a Japanese dude say “Gochilla” with the accent, which they did in the first 10 minutes. I wanted to slap somebody when that white guy said gonorrhea instead of Geedorah. And fuck that whole family especially the mom. She didn’t deserve a heroic death after all that bullshit. But with all that, I saw it in IMAX and it was worth the $15 for the great graphics alone. I wanted to see giant monsters tear shit up and I got that. Karen called it in the SMR: mothra with the wings in the waterfall was beautiful, Godzilla underwater in that Atlantis kingdom, and Rodan destroying that city just with the wind of its wings were some of my favorite scenes.

      Random sports thought: there was a story that came out about beef between Chris Paul and James Harden because of James’s style of play. I immediately imagined Chris threatening to take him off the state farm commercials like Calvin (Dave Chappelle) threatened to take the McRib away from his baby moms after he caught her cheating. “You want a McRib, you gots to go thru me.”

      Appreciate y’all to the fullest. Hope you guys enjoyed the time off.

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