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BDS 306: Lamar Hoe’d Em

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Tyreke Evans suspended, Lamar Odom’s book, Pelinka be lying, Zeke Elliot handcuffed, KD vs Broussard, Chris Long retires, Porzingis, Tedd Ginn Jr race challenge, Tyreek Hill, Alexis joins the Natural Hair Group,  Anthony Davis news, NFLPA says prepare for lockout, Incognito back, Dan Gilbert stroke, Bronny’s IG, D Rose says Jimmy Butler is a weirdo, Scottie Pipping sues a child, Bill Buckner dies, Andy Ruiz, Rivers fined, Marvin Lewis joins Herm, minor league team attacks AOC, Caster Semenya, Russell Wilson, Toronto fan gets death threats, Giannis wants everyone back, D Wade memoir coming, NBA west coast start times, NCAA 3 point line and Kyrie comes back to the gram.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen and Jaul Pierce

    They don’t call him the truth for nothing! It’s been 10 years and my man could have kept this shit to himself, but he just had to tell us huh? He’s already been wrong on every series and getting roasted on twitter, but then he admits he was really struggling with the other #2 guard. And then gets fired in the same week? Couldn’t be your boy!

    Now Rod, I think you owe Justin an apology. He said Kyle Lowry was killing in the playoffs and you didn’t believe him. Just because you didn’t realize he was killing Toronto’s chances to win doesn’t mean he was wrong! With game 5 he RAISED his field goal percentage in the finals to a whopping 39%! Boss moves.

    And I gotta shout out KD. It always sucks to see somebody go out like that regardless of what team they play for. That being said! Of course this nigga would get hurt and probably be out for the year right before potentially signing with the Knicks. I didn’t believe the hype that he was a lock coming to New York all season until this. Us signing an injured Durant and missing out on trading for AD would be the most Knicks thing ever. I’ll buy all three of y’all jerseys for the new bandwagon! Rod gonna need a new team with Kemba comes up North, follow the kid! Alright y’all appreciate the dope stuff as always.

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