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BDS 307: Bored-Man

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, the NBA Finals, Durant’s injury, Paul Pierce shit himself, Khloe heartbroken over Tristan, Warriors minority owner banned, Lavar Ball, Nicole Curran, KG getting a divorce, Carl Crawford signed Megan Thee Stallion, Derrick Tucker taco fight, Le’Veon Bell robbed, Neymar accuser speaks, Carson Wentz gets big extension, Big Papi gets shot by assassins, Kyrie is a free agent, Alden Smith arrested again, Tony Joiner accused of murder, Tony Parker retires, Kellen Winslow convicted of rape, Rich Paul says Celtics shouldn’t waste time on AD, Cavs hire woman assistant coach, Paul Pierce CBD company, Raiders on Hard Knocks and Ayesha Curry.


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  2. rodimusprime

    06/13/2019 at 2:46 PM

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jyle Lowry?

    I guess I should preface this email with a disclaimer. I only watched the 4th quarter of Game 5 due to being at an Ari Lennox concert in Detroit. Ari so fine y’all. . . damn.

    Anyway — my takes on Game 5 and the rest of the series are as follows:

    1. Kyle Lowry is easily the most frustrating player to watch in the NBA. Dude’s not even being asked to carry a nation (peep how quickly the King of The North nickname was given to Kawhi) and he still folds under pressure. That blocked shot by Draymond is forgivable, but that missed drive and kick to Marc Gasol? Shameful. Just draw the foul and get yours at the line.

    1a. The jury is still out for me when it concerns Nick Nurse. It shouldn’t be, but it’s nagging me.

    2. I heard about the Durant injury via a flood of texts coming through. I hate that it happened to him at this time. I wish him well in his recovery

    3. The people who clapped Durant’s injury are the by-product of Toronto’s thirst for a ‘ship. It was funny seeing ardent knick supporters come down with judgments on them. If the Knicks were in the finals someone would have tried to kick KD while he was down. Also in that setting, with ticket prices how they were? You weren’t getting real fans in the building.

    4. Kawhi in the 4th is the scariest dude in the league.

    5. I think the Raptors got this, but I am worried about the boost that the Oracle crowd will provide on Thursday.


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