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BDS 307: Bored-Man

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, the NBA Finals, Durant’s injury, Paul Pierce shit himself, Khloe heartbroken over Tristan, Warriors minority owner banned, Lavar Ball, Nicole Curran, KG getting a divorce, Carl Crawford signed Megan Thee Stallion, Derrick Tucker taco fight, Le’Veon Bell robbed, Neymar accuser speaks, Carson Wentz gets big extension, Big Papi gets shot by assassins, Kyrie is a free agent, Alden Smith arrested again, Tony Joiner accused of murder, Tony Parker retires, Kellen Winslow convicted of rape, Rich Paul says Celtics shouldn’t waste time on AD, Cavs hire woman assistant coach, Paul Pierce CBD company, Raiders on Hard Knocks and Ayesha Curry.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen(possibly?) and Jay Pelinka?

    I don’t have much to say aside from THAT LARRY O-B is NORTH OF THE BORDER! While y’all in the states have discounted this championship within record setting time, please allow me to politely talk my shit, and then awkwardly apologize right afterwards.

    The Toronto Raptors. NBA Champions? How? I guess I should thank LeBron for finally giving up on terrorizing my entire country one playoff series win at a time, but fuck that nigga. Let him enjoy his newfound hair. AGAIN.

    Kawhi is free to do whatever he wants. When he comes back to Toronto (either as a Raptor or as anything but a Laker, sorry Justin) he’ll be given a kings’ reception. Can’t slander Kyle Lowry no more after that game 6 start. Dude came out with a level of fire I haven’t seen before. Shoutout to Canada’s GM — Masai “I’ll put hands on a cop” Ujiri as well.

    To the people who wanted to put an asterisk on Toronto winning the ‘ship? Don’t do it. Injuries have been a part of the last 5 playoff outcomes. I ain’t hearing it now. Well wishes go out to Klay and KD though. Klay was playing for his money and Durant was a professional.

    Sorry for getting longwinded but I do have one question: Am I hating if I don’t think this LeBron and AD pairing will result in any championships? LeBron is going on 35 this year and he has logged a ridiculous amount of minutes. Sure they got two pieces, but as we’ve learned JUST LAST WEEK, one dope piece surrounded by a number of good to pretty good pieces can win the ship. Gotta have a coach and a bench to get the job done.




  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Javar Ball

    Just when you were talking about folks being able to just laugh at Lavar, he goes and let’s the misogyny slip again because he’s mad his boy got shipped out of town. He finally got banned from ESPN for getting fresh with Molly Qerim. And isn’t that nigga still married? He’s lucky Jalen Rose didn’t beat his ass for talking about his wife like that since disrespect is all he understands.

    And Rod has BEEN saying it, but the smartest thing is keeping your roster up and waiting for an injury to the Warriors and you never know what could happen. The Raptors swung big on one year with Kawhi for a team no one thought had a chance but look how it turned out. Shout out to Canuck Duke back claiming Canada’s team over the Pistons, and now the league is wide open with Klay and KD both out for next year assuming either even re-signs. Meanwhile the Rockets are about to self-destruct like anybody with eyes knew once they brought in that asshole Chris Balls.

    And Rod talked about the Florida Gators when Aaron Hernandez was on campus, but that might be the greatest university of crime time in history! Not only did they have Percy Harvin an all-time nigga you don’t want smoke with on the roster and Riley Cooper fighting every n-word in the building, that was the year Cam got kicked off the team for stealing laptops. Urban Meyer’s shady ass coaching and faking heart attacks while probably enabling more abuse from his coaching staff Lyin’ Ryan Lochte was out there on the swimming team planning how to start international incidents. I guess Tim Tebow wasn’t the leader converting his teammates to Jesus!

    Oh and I heard the Lakers traded for somebody. Oh well have a great week y’all!

    No, I’m happy for Justin. Not only does he get to celebrate his Kyle Lowry agenda, the Lakers mortgaged their future to get a legit superstar in AD and they managed to keep Kuzma. With the Warriors looking like the Walking Dead the LeBrons are the favorites for next year with the stroke of a pen! And they still might have room to sign a max free agent. This some bullshit! Just wait until my Knicks sign JJ Redick and Marc Gasol gonna have y’all quaking in your boots!

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jarryl Morey,

    I hope all is well.

    Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors on winning that NBA title! Feels great, don’t it?! Shouts out to Canuck Duke and any other Canadians out there listening. Speaking from experience, that amazing feeling of seeing your team win a ‘ship stays with you for a long while. Seeing the footage of LeBron and the Cavs beating the Warriors still takes me back to those final moments of Game 7. I ain’t apologizing for doubting the Raptors cuz, well, Kyle Lowrey still plays there, right?

    I feel bad for KD and Klay. We probably just watched the bookend of KD’s prime and it sucks that it had to happen with a torn Achilles in the Finals. Especially cuz he KD stood nothing to gain from playing: Ball outta control, Warriors win Game 5, folks would say he was faking. Ball outta control, Warriors lose Game 5, folks say that’s proof he’s overrated. Or he get hurt and folks start cheering. I do sincerely worry about KD’s mental health since he has rabbit ears (which makes sense) and he’s gonna be laid up for a year. Hopefully he can find some peace. And a durag, a brush and a can of Murray’s. Last I checked, nothing about a torn Achille’s means your hair should look like you were in Galveston for the original Juneteenth.

    Kyle Lowry basically Kevin Love of the Raptors for two reasons: 1) Lord almighty it would frustrating to watch a team knowing that nigga could easily fuck it up and 2) He won a championship and that means I’m retiring my anti-Kyle Lowry agenda. It was seeing that video of Lowry doing his pre-game dap without DeMar DeRozan and then seeing him hugging Kawhi that made me happy for dude and realize he’s trying his best out there. So yeah, good on Kyle Lowry.

    Y’all called this *long* ago that Chris Balls and James Harden wouldn’t be able to coexist and I’ve been pop locking like shit watching all this shit fall to pieces! Who, oh who, on Beyonve’s green Earth, would’ve guessed that Chris Balls would have a problem running an offense of 3 players while James Harden catches his breath from trying to quadruple cross niggas and then brick a three? Who could have known that having a damn near 50 year old, injury prone point guard with an immovable contract would be a problem for a GM who has no ability in understanding human interaction? Especially since word is out that the Rockets are looking at Jimmy Butler? Do y’all know how much I wanna see the Rockets trade Chris Balls for Jimmy Butler? I just want a picture of Chris Paul jumping up in the air like the Daffy Duck ass nigga he is trying to scream at an indifferent Joel Embiid.

    Have an excellent evening and weekend y’all. Thanks for all y’all do. Niggas only! Peace!

  4. katrese206

    Quick tidbit on CBD. It’s extracted from marijuana to remove the psychoactive effects of THC (the component that gets you “high”). CBD has many healing qualities including treatment for inflammation, depression, anxiety & epilepsy. It’s now legal in many states… but, mostly illegal because of its association with marijuana. Marijuana can be used for these same things; however, THC has a high risk of triggering/worsening depression & other mental disorders in some people… as well as other risk factors. So, CBD removes those risks & is safe for even children to use. Most children use it for the side effects of epilepsy & leukemia.

  5. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jyle Lowry?

    I guess I should preface this email with a disclaimer. I only watched the 4th quarter of Game 5 due to being at an Ari Lennox concert in Detroit. Ari so fine y’all. . . damn.

    Anyway — my takes on Game 5 and the rest of the series are as follows:

    1. Kyle Lowry is easily the most frustrating player to watch in the NBA. Dude’s not even being asked to carry a nation (peep how quickly the King of The North nickname was given to Kawhi) and he still folds under pressure. That blocked shot by Draymond is forgivable, but that missed drive and kick to Marc Gasol? Shameful. Just draw the foul and get yours at the line.

    1a. The jury is still out for me when it concerns Nick Nurse. It shouldn’t be, but it’s nagging me.

    2. I heard about the Durant injury via a flood of texts coming through. I hate that it happened to him at this time. I wish him well in his recovery

    3. The people who clapped Durant’s injury are the by-product of Toronto’s thirst for a ‘ship. It was funny seeing ardent knick supporters come down with judgments on them. If the Knicks were in the finals someone would have tried to kick KD while he was down. Also in that setting, with ticket prices how they were? You weren’t getting real fans in the building.

    4. Kawhi in the 4th is the scariest dude in the league.

    5. I think the Raptors got this, but I am worried about the boost that the Oracle crowd will provide on Thursday.


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