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MT 43: Brandon Keith Brown

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Rod is joined by conductor and educator Brandon Keith Brown to discuss his path to being an orchestral conductor, educator and dealing with racial discrimination at Brown University.

Brandon’s Website

Article About Brandon’s At Brown University



  1. Hands down one of the best interviews you’ve ever done. This was a great conversation and I was riveted by every word, now I begin the deep dive on all the other accomplishments of brother brown!

  2. Amazing story, mind is blown. Thanks for bringing Brian on so he call tell us what really happened.

  3. Oooh Cool cool, thanks Rod for bringing this man to my knowledge. Did not know we had black conductors from home here. All I’ve seen are mostly black singers and maybe a few that plays the instrument but it’s mostly the singers I know. My introduction was through Barbara Hendricks, Arkansas born black woman that was sweeter than Santas wife ever could be. I was maybe around 13 when I was at my first opera and all these old white ladies had me running errands for them. Bringing them to their seats and whatnot. I did not know why but I was so afraid of saying no to them so I just did that even tho I was there as a costumer and not working. Yeah I looked around, all the black and brown was servers there except me and mom. Anyway out comes this white man and tells the ladies to stop using me like that. I don’t work there. Some coordinator, invites me to the backstage and I get see it all, I get to meet Ms Hendricks, coolest moment for me as a kid. Well after I felt a titty but still. This sweet lady actually took time to speak to me.
    Anyway I Stan. Barbara Hendricks is a treasure.

    Now to check out more of Brandon Keith Brown. I look forward to it.
    Thanks again.
    Love CC

  4. Thank you Rod for introducing Mr Brown. It’s amazing the things we can do if only we were aware. I definitely plan to let my son explore all of the Arts, something I was never exposed to.


  5. reallydarkknight

    06/14/2019 at 7:03 PM

    I really enjoyed this conversation. My daughter actually played the viola at the Denver School of the Arts and believe me, there were very few Black and Brown folks in the school. She loved orchestra though.

    I really enjoyed the conversation about the racial dynamics at Brown because it just goes to show you, no matter how far you rise in your profession, people see you as Black first and always. These adults trusted whiteness and adjacent whiteness of children more than a visiting professor. Ain’t that some shit?

    The only problem I have with conversation is when he talked about the Ludlow Massacre and said it was in “Colorado or Wyoming or some other flyover state.” Come on bruh! We ouchea!


  6. Karena Benford

    06/14/2019 at 12:26 PM

    OK, it’s me again and I just finished. Wow what a layered conversation. I really enjoyed it!! Great medium talk.

  7. Karena Benford

    06/14/2019 at 11:17 AM

    I am 50 minutes into this Medium Talk with Brian Keith Brown and I have to tell you that I am finding this conversation so interesting!! I honestly didn’t know what to expect. What a great life journey!!

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