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SMR 248: Men In Black: International

Rod and Karen discuss the latest entry in the Men In Black movie franchise, “Men In Black: International.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback.



    This was a pretty dry film with two solid leads, I felt. Kumali Nanjiani as Pawny was good here, too, I’d say. He also played off well with Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson. While I did like Hemsworth & Thompson’s chemistry, I did feel I wanted more of it too in a pretty basic movie that felt slapped together cuz they didn’t have Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones & to be fair, considering the financial expenses of MIB 3, I get it. However, when you can’t hide from the fact that Liam Nesson is a bad guy, you know you’re not confident in your product, like, at all. From the way he was talking in those trailers, I knew he was a bad guy. The plot’s forgettable, too, unfortunately, with things just happening & not explained, it was like the script was so forgettable, that the writers & F. Gary Gray just said fuck it & did whatever they wanted. It could’ve been a much worse movie, cuz the leads & co-leads do try, but I just feel it needed a lot more than what we got.

  2. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod & Karen – thank you for always giving good before the bad of the movie. I do listen to other movie reviews and I always feel like they don’t like going to the movies. I had low expectations with this movie and was pleasantly surprised, I should have known who was the villain but I followed the redirect with Agent C.

  3. Peaches749

    Hey Y’all, I think they taking a long time to put these movies out to motivate folks to go back and watch the old movies. LOL Sounds good. TTYL Love you guys

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