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BDS 314: Let Lebron Dunk

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, running back hold outs, Kerr complains about Anthony Davis, Lorenzen Wright’s ex pleads guilty, Li-Ning shoes, Scottie sued by sidechick, Tyreek Hill says he was teaching son to box, Steph responds to Trump, Lamar Odom not finished, Jeremy Lin sad about his status in NBA, Saints lawsuit, Tristan wants that old thang back, La La says Melo disrespected by Team USA, a HS football tryout puts kids in hospital, Davis Ortiz out of hospital, Luck hurt again, Caster Semenya not allowed to race, Neymar has rape charges dismissed, Melo final season, Juju gives fan season tickets, OJ says Jerry better pay Zeke, Zion, Pierre Thomas gets paid, FIFA adding more women’s teams to world cup, Jill Ellis resigning and Trevor Bauer apology.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and JCAA,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    The NCAA is wild as hell for that bachelor’s degree rule for 2 reasons: 1) They’re trying to keep out the next Rich Paul cuz there are few things organizations like the NCAA hate more than quote unquote “outsiders” figuring out they can make this money and 2) cuz being certified with the NCAA means agents would also be required to help with NCAA investigations, which, like…they’re so fucking craven about keeping these kids broke. Like it ain’t nothing new to say as an institution the NCAA ain’t shit, but goddamnit they ain’t shit.

    Shouts out to the Falcons (and this is less slander of the Falcons and more football culture as a whole) for hiring DJ Durkins to work on their defensive staff. Yep, *that* DJ Durkins, that killed a kid at Maryland. I love college football but I’m also convinced that if college football stopped existing tomorrow, damn near every coach would become a cop.

    Speaking of cops and college football, fuck Dabo Swinny for like the hundreth time, this time saying he wouldn’t give Kelly Bryant a championship ring cuz he wasn’t on the team. Nevermind that Bryant led them to a 4-0 start and that Bryant transferred so that he could continue his career and nevermind that when Dabo takes the Bama job after Saban retires, he gets to keep all his rings. I fucking hate that fucking bamma ass, bumpkin ass bastard.

    And shouts out to @TheNFLchick for putting “Dabo Luther King” into the lexicon.

    Freddie Kitchens got the head coaching job for the Browns and is insecure as hell about it and threatening to fire folks for leaking information. How are you gonna be insecure about getting a job when the team owner is a whole crook? And honestly, Kitchens shouldn’t be worried about what folks think about *how* he got the job (everyone is saying he got it because Baker Mayfield likes him). What he needs to be concerned with is not getting fired. Look, I ain’t one of these people who agrees with this, but if the Browns miss the playoffs they gonna put Kitchens in a cannon and fire him into Lake Erie.

    And I’m happy that Baker Mayfield looks like he could be really good, but…like…this dude gives wild ITWAN/Chip On My Shoulder vibes and I’m worried I’m gonna grow to be annoyed as fuck by him. Like have y’all seen him in the media and do y’all get that vibe? Baker Mayfield hated the fuck outta Hue Jackson and a lotta folks in Cleveland hated Hue, but I was always confused by that cuz I’m not sure what the fuck they expected outta the Browns? I don’t think Odell Beckham or Jarvis Landry are gonna put up with a season of this dude screaming at them. And I already know that Browns will turn on both of them if things start going sideways.

    Amani? Sir. You think after the Browns added all this talent that I’d want Josh Gordan, in all his rock smoking glory, to come back to the Browns? Cuz you are absolutely fucking *correct* I do! The only thing Josh Gordan smokes harder than anything not nailed down are NFL defenses!What’s wrong with Josh Gordon hitting the bottle and crack pipe every few hours? Shit, what’s Harvin Marrison up to nowadays? I bet he can still run a slant route alright.

    Sorry for the length of this, I hope y’all have a wonderful day, weekend and show y’all! Thanks for everything! Niggas only, only niggas!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and J. Griffin

    Y’all were right about the LeBron hot takes economy going full tilt in the off-season. Now the Pelicans GM has all this shit to say about Bron? Who does he think he is, Dave Gettleman? I know he tried to walk it back, but when have we heard a GM saying anything about another team’s players like that unless it’s Phil Jackson trying to stick the knife in somebody’s back? Between that and the NCAA changing the rules on agents its always funny to see how scared a young, Black, rich nigga makes those in power.

    And shout out to my man Doughstax. It’s that time of year again where Josh Gordon is petitioning to get reinstated into the league. You can set your watch to it. At this point with Hue Jackson gone I’m hoping he does go back to Cleveland just for the e-mails.

    Alright fam keep up the dope work as always! And Karen don’t listen to the broke boys, you can scratch up as many cars as you want to. You got the new gig and you’re just balling like that!

  3. fyahworks

    Good day, Rod ,Karen, and JCAA

    First and foremost….

    Now to the reason I’m here….

    Man fuck the ncaa, you wanna make up specific rules, to try and stop super agent rich Paul. So what he didn’t go to college. You don’t always need college to be successful. Some of us are just born with a talent and some of us are just in the right place at the right time, and know the right people! They don’t like the success lebrons whole “posse” is having and same time it hurts the ncaa’s bottom line, which is their bottom dollar. You not paying this kids, while they bring you billions, across all sports! But a man, a black man is helping them kids to have some type of secure financial future and y’all big mad! Fuck them. Then you have a criteria which is all things you know he doesn’t have! Plus all them white agents who losing their clients are salty. Well we know what color salt is…. lol….

    Lastly I wanted you guys thoughts on the Stephen a , melo interview! I personally am surprised melo did an interview with Stephen a. For a man who is a big part of espn, perhaps one of their highest paid, I find he doesn’t even get big interviews like that, I remember the king doing an interview with Rachel Nichols few years back, but I don’t recall Stephen a being able to sit down with lebron, kd, or any of the top stars. And when he is ready he will kiss some ass and/or turn on them in an heartbeat! Maybe that’s why he don’t get them interviews!

    You guys have a great weekend

    Niggaz only… only niggaz


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