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SMR 257: Angel Has Fallen

Rod and Karen review the latest entry in to the Fallen cinematic universe, “Angel Has Fallen.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback.



    I never knew how much this movie needed Nick Nolte. Not saying, he saved this film by any means, it’s just that these films, despite being high on action, it was low on the tank for laughs. Nolte’s been the same dude since 48 hrs series. Ornery, curmudgeon, & grizzly. He had some nice sentimental moments that were a bit stretched, but the comedy, man, OMFG! That scene alone, where he blew those bombs in that abandoned place was magnifik! Angel is a better film than London, but I do feel that both movies missed what made Olympus their best film in the Has Fallen series: Antoine Fuqua. Yes, Fuqua messed up by swappin’ spit with Nicole Murphy, but the guy can direct action, even in close-quarters. I felt there were times, where it was too dark & the camera was too close, making it difficult to see how the action was done. Angel does have it sweet moments filled with action, but some setpieces could’ve been handled better. The plot was whatever & I saw it coming the moment Tim Blake Nelson’s sniveling VP character popped up. Same for Danny Huston’s Wade Jennings, the trailers did a bad job of covering those spoilers, to be honest. Gerard Butler does handle playing these movies like a champ, which is more than enough for me. These movies are ridiculous, but they do give me what I want, regardless of quality. Glad I saw it.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Rod and Karen, I went to see Angel Has Fallen on a whim because it was Saturday night and I didn’t have shit to do! lol. Also, I kind of enjoy Gerard Butler in his impossible white man roles–Hunter Killer, Heist, and Geostorm. I hadn’t seen London or Olympus has fallen so I went into this blind except for your SMR. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. It was the perfect popcorn flick. I jumped, I cheered, I laughed. Also, weirdly enough, I realized that I kind of like movies where someone has to save the president from death. It maybe make believe, but it gives me a surge of adrenaline that helps me stay connected to the movie. Nick Nolte was a great addition. Perhaps this was tackled in the other movies, but was Banning addicted to opiates because he was in constant pain or because he had PTSD? The star of the show were the explosions. They were fantastic. When Banning’s dad started pulling the trigger on all those hidden explosives, the audience and I were whooping it up. Now that’s how you take an enemy, lol. Nick Nolte for the win. I didn’t feel like I wasted my time and money. Enjoy your time off!

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