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TNO 140: Spider-Man Home Alone

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Spider-Man out the MCU, Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan, Infinity Train getting new episodes, Walking Dead spin-off, extended cut of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, live action sequel to Aladdin, sex doll controversy in South Korea, Twitch put porn on Ninja’s old channel, Marvel TV was blindsided by Netflix, Lion King highest grossing animated movie of all time, Simu Liu, Raising Dion coming to Netflix, Krypton fans upset with cancellation, Dark Phoenix worst earning X-Men movie, Kevin Smith announces He-Man Netflix series, Michael Rooker joining Fast franchise, Resident Evil movie, bluetooth is bad, Matrix 4, The Rock earning the most, Snake Eyes movie casts Storm Shadow, Fortnite champion swatted, Joker officially Rated R, Uncharted movie loses director, Book of Enchantment canceled, Ezra Miller says Flash still happening, Ms. Marvel TV show in development, Kit Harrington to star in MCU project, Game of Thrones DP doubles down, humans listen to your audio recordings, Epoch times banned from Facebook, Youtube now removing violent videos targeting kids and Audible sued by major book publishers.


  1. Tiggettcr

    Wad Up Nerds!

    I don’t know which episode or what show this was mentioned on because I’m going through the archive but Rod thank you so much for recommending The 100! I am right in the middle of the Countdown to Chernobyl Conclave and I’m like damn I really really like this show! Are you still watching? Who are some of your favorite characters? Favorite season/why?

    While I’m here…
    Never ever in a million years did I think I would become a Walking Dead Head! I was listening to old content and came across a recap so enticing that I had to fight through the gore and give the show a chance. 2 shows and 14 seasons later I hope TWD lives forever like Law and Order .

    Thanks Again

  2. Anonymous

    Whaddup Nerds!

    I don’t know which episode of what show because I’m going through the archive but Rod thank you for mentioning The 100! Im in the middle of the Countdown to Chernobyl Conclave and Im just like damn I really like this show! Are you still watching? Who are some of your favorite characters? Favorite season?

    Since I’m here the Walking Dead/Fear of the walking dead recaps are my jam. Never ever ever in a million year did I think I would become a Walking Dead Head but after listening to a few of the recaps I just had to fight through the gore. 2 shows and 14 seasons later I rarely notice it! I actually hope it lives forever like Law and Order

    Thanks again,

  3. Felix

    Hi yall, Felix Here. First if all, i dont wanna sound shady but Kit Harrington being in Eternals made me about 10% less excited for it. Not that hes bad, hes just not my cup of tea. He was ok for game of thrones but at least we’ll have Gemma Chan to balance him out. Now If we actually get to see his abs in Eternals all will be forgiven.

    That Simu Liu story was so wild. I’ve seen the channel that did that trash ass video do good work highlighting the experiences of darker skinned and mixed Asian folks so seeing them do something this mean spirited was a bit of a surprise. That man is gorgeous. I’m legit baffled.

    On the Kevin Smith He-man show, im so excited. Will be hard to top the new She-ra because that show is really great writing wise but with the castlevania studio on it we can at least expect some great action. I do hope they do some kinda recap because lord knows I dont remember a damn thing about the plot of He-man. She-Ra was always more my jam anyway. Watching those reruns on the one channel we had in Zambia in the late 90s with my friends was so much fun.

    Lastly, rod you do not even know how awful YouTube is for kids bruh. I always have to make playlists of videos I’ve already watched all the way through if my baby sister is gonna watch a bit of it. I made the mistake of thinking a peppa pig video was safe only for it to turn into some other shit and upset my her for days. The folks that make these are so trash. My baby sister watches more of Netflix kids section than anything nowadays because I can let her choose what looks good and not worry about any of that stuff. Ok, have a good one. Felix out.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Karen: They didn’t call me nigger and I’d still buy it if they did.

    Nigga! Karen killed it and I will be buying it to. DISNEY, TAKE MY MONEY.

    Poor Tom Holland. Let’s save him.

    Or, hear me out, a Tom Holland and Ezra Miller movie.

  5. Tiggettcr

    I need ALL 52 weeks of Walking Dead content! I’m obsessed and it all started with your recaps.

  6. CC

    First of all sorry. That shit sounded less shitty in my head, reading it it sounded bad and hearing it sounded worse. Again I’m sorry.
    I fucked up. Sorry.

    And yes, you are right. I forgot the details. Thanks for reminding me, thanks for the show and again. I’m sorry for my words. Never intended for them to be malicious or trolling-esque, just rambling and not reading before posting is my fuck up. Forgot that y’alls ain’t the homies down the street. Tbh we shouldn’t use such language with each other either. I’m really sorry.

    Best wishes Clarence Crawford

    • CC

      And realizing I haven’t actually apologized just saying sorry..My bad again.
      I apologize. I truly do feel bad for for upsetting you and for the shit i said. Sorry.

    • Truenotes1

      Hey guys,. I gotta start by saying again, I love this show. Just hearing you all talk about nerdy/blerdy subjects always brings a smile to my face when I get the alert that you’re about to do a show. So glad I have premium.

      How f’n good is that House of X and Powers of X!!! I’ll think I know where the story is taking me, the turns everything I just read totally around. So good!

      Also I was wondering if you guys had heard that terrible story of the troll/incel dude that killed the E-girl Bianca Devin’s. Then posted the pics of it online. And all the other basement dwellers kept reposting them until they were taken down. Its fucked up how entitled and hateful these dudes are. Sorry if I brought down the fun of the show with this topic.

      Thanks for all the fun that you guys provide.

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