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LSG 37: Chicken Sandwich Madness

Karen is back with 100% more Rod to give you a tasty treat for your mind mouths which we call ears! We discuss Spicy News covering veggie burger lawsuit, black people going vegan, Arby’s Marrot, Drive-Thru restaurants want to track your license plates and Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich news. We take you to some cheap eats for the Meals Of The Week with JJ’s Red Hots, Taipei South and The Dumpling Lady. Finally in our new segment “Cook Dat Nigga” Rod discusses HomeChef vs HelloFresh.

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JJ’S Red Hots

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Taipei South

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The Dumpling Lady

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Karen and Rod,

    As per usual, I loved this episode of LSG.

    Karen, I’m glad to hear you talking about having an actual lunch be it 30 minutes or an hour. Far too many people spend their lunch working at their desks or in the office lunchroom where the conversation naturally turns to work. This keeps us on sensory overload. Being away from the office, or in a location in the office where you can read, listen to whatever floats your boat as you eat is so necessary. It gives you time to decompress and destress.

  2. Writer_Chick

    Hey Karen and Rod!!!

    When I check my feed and see a LSG episode has been uploaded it’s always a nice surprise! I am one who always listens and looks forward to each episode but I must admit I don’t comment. I can get ya’ll some chicken sandwiches to make up for my neglect. My little cousin works at Popeye’s so I got the plug…for now. Lately he comes home ready to quit after each shift but while he’s there, I got you.

    So Karen I decided to take a page from your book and I started taking my lunch later in the day. I sit in my car, and read a book while I eat for an hour. It. Is. Amazing. I can’t believe I haven’t BEEN doing this all along. At my job they don’t discourage lunch breaks but if you stay in your office working through lunch or “eat lunch at your desk” they don’t encourage you to leave either. Now all I need are some of those dumplings you two were talking about and it will be all good.

    Enjoy your time off!


  3. Tiggettcr

    Hi Karen and Rod!!! Have y’all been to the Dumpling Lady store location?!? They have a spot at Optimus Hall. Apparently they will be selling the dumplin sauce for marinades once they have some time to work out the logistics. One of the best restaurants in town (be prepared to wait in line)

    – Cidney

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