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PG 209: Emotional Gold Diggers

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss restaurants closed on Sundays, CBD oil, cooking as therapy, YMCA basketball, Karen’s yoga, listener feedback, Pre-Game news and a deep dive on men not having friends.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up, niggas! Yo, I’m writing in to say that you two Gazebo Gorillas were right about Snowfall. Nigga, this shit is amazing!!!!!!!!! I started binge watching it a couple weeks ago, and as of right now I’m up to season 3 episode 6. Bruh! Nigga! Son! Yo man, I’m really enjoying this ride and I’m looking forward to finishing season 3 either later today or tomorrow.

    I’ll probably holla back next week once I finish, but I wanted to say that even tho pretty much everyone on this show is trash I’m definitely rooting for Franklin and his crew, and for Gustavo and Lucia. Speaking of which, where the fuck is Lucia right now???? Don’t answer that!!!!!! I’ll find out if she comes back soon enough. But to that point about everyone being trash, when this nigga Franklin hit that “Like a baaaaaaabbbbyyyyy” after Officer Andre asked how he sleeps at night he officially became evil. And then in the next episode when he went over there to holla at Mel and he was smiling and smirking all in Andre’s face! Nigga! This nigga was looking like the fuckin Devil! Anyway, I’m out for now. Thanks for talking about this show on Pre-Game. I’m late as fuck to the party, but I’m enjoying it.


  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen and J Whistleblower,

    My mother, and a majority of black women, have always told me “God don’t like ugly”. I’ve also heard what you do in the dark will come into the light soon enough. In the past week, I can’t believe the amount of ugliness that has come into the light. We have people who say one thing on Monday, and then have a different story on Wednesday. I see people stay real quiet on how they make their money but have plenty of opinions about how others should spend theirs, it all looks shady to me. For real, who are we supposed to trust during these times? Justin! Can you believe that Candace has been lying to us these last 2 seasons about who pays for her entire house!? Forget impeachment, Candace should get slapped with a purse every day since she’s been lying to the nation. They found her government papers and Miss Dorothy pays for that entire house! Not half, the whole thing. I have another question, but this is only for certain segment of the black population. How light skin do you have to be to miss a plane flight for a trip that you planned? Rod, don’t answer that. Once again, Gizelle proved to be evil and manipulative this season and I love her. Apparently her ex-husband still loves her too and I can’t wait for this pastor to be on TV next season.

    Rod, I do like the “long form” pregames where you’ll go more in depth about a specific topic. I’m trying not to ask, but I was hoping you would talk for a few minutes about a new documentary I started watching called the Righteous Gemstones? Uncle Baby Billy got me hooked! Have y’all been watching?

    Peace y’all and have a good weekend,


  3. fyahworks

    Hey rod Karen and jichonne

    Have you guys heard that season 10 will be the final season for our beloved, Serena Williams of the walking dead? She revealed it at comic con. I just came across an article that said that is it for her. We just aren’t sure if she is getting a rick exit or a real death!

    Have a great weekend


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    I just wanted to make a few quick comments.

    First, I know you love the Righteous Gemstones and talk about it all the time, but not enough people give Danny McBride the props he deserves. He skewers white men in the most magnificent ways, and that shit is hilarious. Episode 5 (the flashback episode) had the MOST perfect casting for young Jesse and Judy. The kid that played young Jesse had me fucking dying! And Walton Goggins? Just, the GOAT. His Baby Billy is such a good villain.

    Second, this is maybe more of a BDS comment, but I grew up in South Florida and last week Justin made a comment about Antonio Brown being from Florida and this made me think of my time in high school. Our high school in Palm Beach County (which was a magnet high school full of nerds) would routinely have to play the high schools from western Palm Beach County (Pahokee, Belle Glade and Clewiston). That part of the county produces a ridiculous number of NFL players. They all end up going to FSU or UF and then to the NFL. Just to name a few Anquan Bolden, Fred Taylor, and Reidel Anthony all went to schools out there. Anyways, those niggas were WILD. Those schools were basically fielding pro teams in high school and we always got our asses beat. Anyways, a few years ago, a very famous NFL player had some nudes “leak” and he happened to have gone to one of those schools. When i saw the pictures, I remembered a story I had heard in high school about his “endowments” and how this girl was…let’s just say not the same after they were together. Having gone to both high school and college in Florida (Go Gators) I can confirm that NFL players from Florida are a different breed. Everything you have heard about NFL players from Florida is probably true.

    Sorry this was a little long. I can’t wait to see you and Karen at the Thrive Talk this Thursday. Thanks!


  5. katrese206

    Hey y’all… you can definitely get high from CBD… I do… LOL. But, I think it has to be in CBD oil, capsule or isolate (powder) form. I use the oil, which is generally deemed most effective by manufacturers. It’s a different high than marijuana… since it’s not smoked, it’s processed in the liver, like alcohol… so the high takes a lot longer to come through. I’ve found that it takes @ least an hour or 2 to really feel anything. Also, the high is closer to the tipsy feeling from alcohol vs. the high/paranoia from marijuana. I like it because it has none of the side effects of alcohol & marijuana… it’s just a really relaxing, calm & conscious feeling.

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