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BDS 320: Ryan Clark Was Right!

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NFL trades, the Curry’s buy a house, Alabama wants to monitor student football attendance, NBA against tampering, Giants may have violated concussion protocol, MJ selling part of Hornets, Bernie thinks Lebron is better than MJ, Antonio Brown news, Raptors partner with Nike for Hijabs, Lavar vs Lonzo, Felipe Vasquez arrested for child solicitation, Kap’s agent is contacting teams, Kellen Winslow’s wife divorcing him, Joel Embiid lost weight, Lebron thanks his wife, UVA qb thanks gender studies prof, Saints will have 2 qbs Sunday, Cam still in walking boot, Rick Pitino, NY wins WNBA lottery, Shumpert turns down contract, Magic extend Fultz, NHLPA won’t opt out of CBA, MLB won’t let Mets wear 9/11 hats and the Wade’s donate to LBGTQ charity.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jaker Mayfield and Karen,

    Rod, calling Baker Mayfield “Sober Johnny Manziel” had me shaking my head and nodding in resignation like Alonzo Morning. Baker ain’t near as sorry as Johnny Eightball, but that doesn’t mean he ain’t well on his way. Like, the road to Baker being Johnny Manziel Part 2: Electric ITWAN Boogaloo is clear as day.

    But nigga, Baker out here running into sacks, fleeing phantom defenders and lawd jesus he throws some picks. It’s like defenses know that for every ounce of pressure they put on Baker, he will repay them a pound of dumb shit.

    Oh and Freddie Kitchens? Freddie looks like if he bought a new suit he’d be confused if someone asked him when he’d get it tailored cuz it fits right off the rack. A *draw* on 4th and 9? Three. Straight. Pass. Plays. On the fucking goalline?! Odell and Jarvis running wind sprints while Baker runs to the right side of the field for his life. And you know what makes this even harder? My Black QB agenda is flourishing for the Baltmore Rat Birds!
    Lamar out here balling and folks had the nerve to say he’d be runningback. Browns out here looking like Baltimore’s goddamn tether.

    Um, how the colonizers down there reacting to having a healthy [Randolph Terrance voice] *hWhite* quarterback now? I’d be sad if this is the end for Cam, especially since it seems like they waited til he was damn near dead to start building the team.

    Oh and Daniel Jones out here looking sweet? Shouts out to Danny Dimes for finally throwing Eli’s corpse into a grave. I just hope Jones ain’t a cise, cuz that’s the difference between being Danny Dimes and March Of Dimes.

    What do y’all think about the NBA requiring accurate heights and ages?

    Also, if memory serves me correct Amani is a Niners fan although I might have that wrong.

    Sorry for the length of this and i hope y’all have a great weekend! Niggas only, only niggas!

  2. Rwh2016

    What’s up Rod and J. Incognito,

    You guys check out Ritchie Incognito’s interview on HBO Real Sports? “Richie Incognito admits to ‘a lot of crazy stuff in my past’ but swears he’s ‘okay’ now.” Gumbel wanted to get into the “this white boy keeps getting chances, but Kapernick can’t” rant, but he stopped himself. It must be so refreshing to be a white in the NFL. ITWON.

    In other white people news, Eli has been put to pasture and it’s paying off! “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last!”

    Happy Belated Rod and congrats on the new schedule Justin.


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, hopefully Karen, and J. Agholor

    Did you see the boy Daniel Jones? As a longtime Giants fan it’s just good to see a real QB! Nah I’m kidding, I’ve been down for my 49ers like Mike Singletary’s pants in the locker room. A real quiet 3-0 just laying in the cut.

    And now that Justin is finally off his Ryan Clark agenda, did you see him roast Paul Finebaum the other day for tap dancing on Cam’s grave the segment after talking about how much respect Eli still deserved. This is the same dude that tried to tell Bomani he wasn’t from the South being in Atlanta and Houston so that cism has been muah for a while now. And speaking of Cam how did that 4 TD game align with Rod’s anti-Black QB agendas?
    Alright y’all have a great week and happy birthday Rod! Hope the new schedule is treating you well Justin.

  4. fyahworks


    What’s up birthday boy Rod and nfl jadden
    Happy birthday once again! (Did you get my email?)

    1. So Nike has decided to drop Antonio Brown amid the sexual allegations, As most companies do. But there’s is a urban legend that has been going around that if you make the cover of a video game, there’s a curse/ bad luck that follows!(either on the court or in your personal life) Look at some the previous covers of nba 2k, most of the players who were on the cover left the team right after. (Kyrie, pg, kd, lebron) Ironically ab was on last years cover and look what has happened since then!
    Patrick Mahomes, now graces the cover of madden 20 and hopefully he won’t follow the trend.

    2. Have u guys seen Saquan doing Campbell’s commercials now? It’s like they just rotating Niggaz for that spot

    Have a great week

    I’ll hang up and listen

    Niggaz only/only niggaZ


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