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1963: Megan Thee Capitalist

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Rod and Karen discuss Kevin Hart may get sued, Megan Thee Stallion trademarks Hot Girl Summer, Bernie Sanders still has a harassment problem, Tekashi Snitch-Nine, NYPD changing school policy, Fantasia, Shane Gillis was hired to court conservatives to SNL, Wal-Mart no longer selling e-cigs, Instagram banning weight loss teas, woman dies when iPhone falls into bathtub, 6 year old arrested for tantrum, Chris Rock new book, mother jailed for lying on birth certificate of her baby, man caught setting up phone to record people in the bathroom, woman arrested for kicking her wife out of bed and sword ratchetness.

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  1. aye jai

    We didn’t have Zap but we had louie the lightning bug who did the electrical safety in Texas

  2. Stephanie

    HOORAYYY!! I found you guys again, thanks to HBO! one day i was browsing for new podcasts and i stumbled unto you guys. I had listened to an episode, but i never saved your pod or liked it. I could not believe i did that, i listen to a lot of pods UNTIL!! GOT! i just remembered Karen’s laugh and I screamed “that’s them”,I added you guys immediately! Thank you for the pod, the last few days I’ve been really anxious about my job, i can barely eat (the white folks are really trying to get me up out of here) I’m on a 3 day suspension and I don’t even know if ill have a job when i go back because HR is not speaking to me. The pod has been helping me so much!! P.S
    Fantasia has no business giving anyone relationship advice since she was sued by the wife of the man she met and had an affair with at t-mobile. If ya’ll remember that craziness! Just cause you have a dangling participle between your legs does not make you a leader!! Thanks again!! 🙂

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