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1967: Secure The Bag Of Cotton

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Rod and Karen are joined by Chris Lamberth to discuss The Joker, podcasting, stand up, auditioning, an update on the black girl who said her hair was cut by classmates, funny slavery class assignment, girl threatens to shoot up school, man throws a plant in toilet, woman puts cigarette out on boyfriend’s head and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Iman

    I was laughing the moment I read the title! Secure the bag of cotton, oh man lmbo! Loved this episode, Chris is a great guest! Saw Joker today so I’ll have to check your SMR on it later. I feel like I can’t give an opinion on it, because I wasn’t planning on seeing it, my husband just asked if I’d go. It reminded me a lot of Taxi Driver.

  2. Phil G

    Rod, Justin. I a black man have also watched Little boxes on Netflix. Do not try and say you don’t know any other black people who have watched this movie, I refuse to be placed in one of your little boxes. love you guys, thanks for the content.

  3. Felix

    I’m not even gonna pretend like I was actually gonna see joker in theatres after what Todd Phillips had been saying about how he hates comic book movies and was making a “real movie”. It got off on the wrong foot from jump. Everything hes said since then has only put me off it more. Every statement he makes drips with condescention and fragility. The movie is probably good but I’m not about to go see it with how hes come across throughout this lead up to it.

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