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1970: Regular Black

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Felix

    Just wanted to say I love how rod says “bruv”. The tone you get when you say it just makes me smile man. Love yall.

  2. reallydarkknight

    I’m glad that I listened to all of the shows this week before I made a comment on the feedback show. During the feedback show, you said that people were judging Botham Jean’s family for his forgiving and hugging Amber Guyger. That is true. And we were trying to get these jokes off. So when I tweeted that I’d haunt my sister if she hugged MY killer, I meant that shit!!!

    You expanded on your thoughts on the Tuesday show, but there was one constituent you didn’t mention (I think) that got me the most heated about this whole trial. That was White Republican officials and media who did the most fuckshit and then ran up on Twitter to tell everybody that this 19 year old was a great example of being a christian…NIGGA! This absolves them of their own fuckery and the Dallas PD and they all get to wash their hands and pretend it is all over. This can’t be the expectation of the family of the next Black person killed at the hands of the police for just breathing. That was only one of the frustrations with this trial. You covered the rest.


  3. FalconsDiva

    Rod! You spoke a word today!!! I too am guilty of refusing to extend grace to myself. The same grace I extend to countless others. Knowing the shit I’ve been through, I can be so hard on myself for the decisions I make. But then I’ll turn around and make up all kinds of scenarios/excuses when others screw up.

    I’m working on it though and I’m glad you’re starting to embrace your inner bad bitch!! Or rather WE are embracing our inner bad bitch!!

    Also, God bless you for reading those long ass cultural appropriation comments. I knew you were going to get them as soon as you said “don’t write in” LOL.

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