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1979: Fight For Your Joy

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Iman

    Such a great feedback episode and I agree, folks are missing out if they’re not listening to the feedback show.
    I also agree with the email send about the welfare checks. It irked me seeing memes calling that man a “coward” for not going over there himself. Or saying “don’t call the police to check on me”. It’s ridiculous, and just giving into this toxic system and doesn’t help the real issue of the way these police are trained when dealing with black people. If he would have gone over there, he might have put himself in danger in a number of ways! I’m glad I have three of my neighbors numbers. So when something does go down we call each other. But even that doesn’t solve the problem of black people having to do the mental math and risk assessment of “is it worth it to call the police?”.

    Love y’all,

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