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BDS 324: Hitting Cars

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, MJ health clinic, Tyler Skaggs OD scandal, Deshaun Watson charity, Kaepernick fact sheet waste of time, Paul Pierce named in sexual harassment lawsuit, Penn State t-shirts, DeAngelo Williams sponsored over 500 mammograms, Simon Biles, NBA sleep deprivation, Lebron on Daryl Morey’s tweet, Myles Garrett punched by fan, D Wade deletes post after harassment, Alex Smith had 17 surgeries on leg, Justin Bannan shooting arrest, NBA already losing money over China, Hield disses Sac-Town, Calipari against expanding NBA draft, Osweiler retires, Goodell defends refs, Gronk not coming back, player paying for Atatiana funeral costs, Zion to miss games and Marion Barber III arrested.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jaker Mayfield,

    Good god almighty that interception against the Patriots was the worst heave I’ve seen since Michael Ealy threw those babies out that window. Only 7 teams in NFL history have had 3 straight turnovers on 3 straight possessions. And now Baker wanna get spicy with the media, like he ain’t playing stupid as fuck? Out here passing like a blind Eli Manning.

    Speaking of Eli, y’all think Odell looks up and misses Eli? At least Eli threw Odell the damn ball.

    Why did Cam on the sidelines look like he was thinking, “Wow, these niggas on the Niners are *hit*-*ting*. Glad I ain’t out there.”?

    Fuck the NCAA for putting out that word salad which basically amounts to them announcing dedicating the next 2 years to figuring out how to not pay players. These niggas ain’t, but they are evil.

    How old did y’all think Alex Caruso was when y’all first saw him? I saw his dunk and said it’s dope to see an old man with hops…and then learned that nigga is 3 years younger than me. And honestly? I blame LeBron James for this. Why would Caruso believe he can be out there with the Homer Simpson when Lebron’s hair legit is peeling off his head? LeBron needs to be a leader, step up and keep stepping until.he finally comes home.

    Have a great evening y’all! Niggas only, only niggas!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jhouston Astros

    All you had to do was NOT remind everyone you traded for a domestic abuser and you could have just cruised into the World Series. Everybody was happy to roast the Yankees because THEIR woman beating pitcher gave up the game winning home run, but then your assistant GM decides to troll women reporters in the clubhouse and brag about how glad he was to trade for his piece of shit? Where they do that? Oh right this is baseball where even the umps are on some MAGA shit with the AK.

    And I do want to shout y’all out for your consistency and integrity. I haven’t engaged with the LeBron stuff on China because there’s so many competing agendas going on, but your breakdown on here and the main show was real. I saw Rod on twitter made the point that folks stopped asking the players about social justice issues in the NFL after Kap and watched his point be misunderstood. Yes there are individual reporters still doing the work, but at large it’s disappeared the same way we stopped seeing pictures of them migrants kids in cages on the news. It’s dope to have a place where you can hear honest conversation. And we still getting to the baby mamas!

    P.S. I see you Karen. You weren’t here for the Kyle Allen era over Cam all along, I’m just glad my 49ers could help put an end to that delusion. Alright thanks for the great shows as always, hope you’re enjoying a bit of a break.

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