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PG 213: Checkers

Rod and Justin discuss Trinidad James, 2 Chainz, positivity, YMCA basketball, Bojangles fries, Checkers, Hornets preseason game with WallStreet, State Fairs, ribs, turning on the heat, 4K TVs, pre-game news and listener feedback.


  1. fyahworks

    What’s going on my nigz….

    Missed you guys last week, but I know how it’s goes and any break you take is well deserved. I was just thinking today we are coming up on the close of a decade. Hopefully 2020 will be good to all of us! What are some of y’all plans for the coming year?Or are you gonna just take it day by day? We got 2 months left! The winning streak you guys have been on is like no other and I wish you continued success going forward!

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  2. rodimusprime

    Yall done took a break so I’ll catch up to the latest episodes. But before I do, I went back in time to pre-game 66. Y’all almost got me kicked out of bed lmao.

    Between Karen not listening to pre-game because she didn’t know that y’all have articles, Conversation about Nicki Minaj being trash since the beginning of time (CAN YOU SAY FORESHADOWING!!), and Rod saying the lack of baby mamas on LAHH:NY wasn’t gonna happen because “them niggas are 70” had me stifling laughter at midnight and CRYING. I saved this episode so I can listen to it on my way to work while literally laughing out loud.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s magic when the three (Rod, Karen, and Justin) link up. And Justin’s contributions to the premium podcast are worth the price of admission!!

    Last thing, that annual fee came out my bank account about two weeks ago. I’m not gonna lie, I was like ‘whhhaaaaa, oh, it’s TBGWT’. I’m glad I secured a bag so I can have access to the premium content for another year. Yo this shit funny lmao. I hope you all are enjoying your time off celebrating the return of the Popeyes sandwich.

    Very Respectfully,

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Dear Rod and Justin,

    I saw Rod’s Twitter pictures of you two at the basketball game. You looked like you were having fun.

    As we gear up for the roll out of Disney+ the You Must Remember This podcast is devoting this season to the film conspicuously absent from the list of available films, Song of the South. It’s a pretty interesting recounting if the film and the events surrounding its creation and multiple releases. The episode about Hattie McDaniel was especially good because I remember growing up with many in the black community denigrating her.

    Question 1: Have you seen My Name is Dolemite in Netflix? So good.
    Question 2: Are you watching Watchmen on HBO? Regina King and Louis Gossett Jr. are doing the damn thing.

  4. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Justin (I can never think of good insulting name for Justin, lol)

    I love when you two shoot the shit about ordinary things. When you started talking about television sizes and how you have to pick the perfect time to bring your television in the house so the robbers don’t see you getting a new TV, I damn near fell outta my train seat. We had to sneak everything into my house growing up and when I was in my 20s. lol. Hell, when my family moved, they did it on the sly. I kept thinking “No one’s going to rob an empty ass house.” I think every black person I know over the age of 40 had a 13″ black and white TV on top of bigger television–pliers as the channel changer, hanger as the antennae. Please tell me that your grandma had one of those corduroy-esque fabric plaid couches too. lol.

    All last week, anytime anyone asked me a question, I responded you like your local politician. “I’m good.” I don’t know why I just found that hilarious.

    I’m 47 years old and from New York. The use of “nigga” didn’t seem to really hit until the early 1990s, and I know I didn’t start adding it to my vocab until my last year of college (barely). However, us NY niggas do seem pretty cool with letting Puerto Ricans and Dominicans use the word to describe themselves or us (gotta be with a, though).

    I grew up around and were friends with Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. We went to the same schools, lived in the same neighborhoods and had basically the same struggles. What I do find strange, but not offensive, is hearing other ethnic groups call themselves and refer to themselves as “niggas” in conversation without black people around. I used to live in a neighborhood that was mostly Indian and middle Eastern folks, and the teens would look and talk like black teens from the hood. I chalked it up to the osmosis of rap and black culture. (I even remember a group of Russian teens talking with the thickest “blaccent” and calling themselves niggas.)

    I think what is bothering people about Gina Rodriguez is that she has clearly put herself in the category of “other, not black people” and hearing her say nigga rubs them the wrong way. Take Mero from Desus and Mero. He’s not a Black American. He’s Dominican and he uses the word all the time, and nobody calls him on it. It’s like “he’s cool, he’s one of us.” I suppose it is all about who you like.

    Anywho…I love your show. I always want to write in to say “good show” but I do want to seem like a kiss ass. lol.

    Have a great week. As usual, I appreciate what you do.


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