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SMR 261: Maleficent Mistress Of Evil

Rod and Karen review the  latest movie in the “Maleficent” franchise, “Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil.” We also discuss trailers and your feedback for some recent reviews.



    I was disappointed with Mistress of Evil, cuz they added way too many things into a basic story. I didn’t care for the fae subplot at all. It felt like something to add something to a character who is about her shit & it’s like Disney was trying to humanize Maleficent a bit too much. Angelina Jolie still plays Maleficent with fierceness, charm & dry wit. I just feel we needed more of that. Michelle Pfeiffer is also good here, but more could’ve been used on her characters rivalry with Maleficent. Elle Fanning is meh to me in these films, because her character is never interesting. The ending was Cuban B’d pretty hard. People commiting all these horrors to the fae & y’all kiss & makeup, just like that? Very odd choice. It looks nice, though; just, not as good as the first.

  2. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod and Karen Rod please que up the Trya Banks I was rooting for you, because I was rooting for that petty bad b@$!ch that was Maleficent but oh how motherhood changes the dark faye…I am about that #heel life always rooting for the petty people. Disney should have name the movie “Maleficent: where the stupid live” but I got my laughs from the dinner scene and the king’s face when he realized the queen was now a goat. Ok off to see Zombieland double tap

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I loved your review of Maleficent. Your ability to look at the positives of a movie are why I love your reviews. I really liked the film, but I too question the use of the black characters in the film and the easy-out for the resident Kanye of the fae community. My biggest issue with Chitewel’s character is how little screen time he got. I agree that Disney was trying to convey the fact that the historical accounts we hear are often inaccurate because those telling the tale will never tell what really transpired because the truth often does not place them in a favorable light. If a third film gets green lit, I would like to move away from the focus on the deadly dull and none too bright Aurora and get more of Maleficent and her existence post Michelle Phiffer and her role as helicopter mom.

    P.S. I think films like this work best 8n the IMAX format, even if it is the AMC bootleg IMAX because this is a really beautifully shot film.

  4. logan2x1

    Hey Rod and Karen!

    I’m glad y’all liked the movie. You and my daughter would probably be besties. Because she loved it! Your review was really refreshing, honestly I realize these movies aren’t for me and other Maleficent fans who enjoy the original version of the character as a petty, evil, introverted fairy. From the first movie me and my daughter (3yrs old at the time) were so excited. But I was disappointed with the direction it took. But your explanation of this film makes me see what Disney was trying to do with this film and the first one. I get it “Evil is who’s telling the story or controlling the narrative”, but I really wanted her to be evil and maybe redeem the character of Aurora, who till this day is seen as the most useless Disney Princess. And she’s useless in this movie too. I was so blinded by what I wanted to see I almost ruined the movie experience for my daughter, smh. So, I stopped sighing through the movie.
    That’s why I love y’all! You bring such a fun and bright perspective. I did laugh A LOT in this movie, because it went against everything I really wanted to see and y’all brought up a lot of the things that I chose to laugh at rather than huff about. “Martin Luther Wing!!!” Y’all kill me!
    Angelina Jolie was definitely made for this role. I’m glad we went to this movie as a family because I wouldn’t have made it. EVERY THING WAS LAME TO ME! How’s a whole ass war going on outside and Philip doesn’t hear a damn thing?
    I know Little people must be tired of Warrik Davis getting all the damn roles! All the useless side characters that are just there to look cute.
    I’m glad y’all felt the same way about Chiwetel Ejiofor as me and my sister did. What a waste of an actor! I also felt there were some lazy editing in this movie, how did all the dark fairy kids get to the wedding. . .that was right after the battle?!?

    Here are some titles I posted after I saw the movie.
    Non-Spoiler titles for Maleficent:Mistress of Evil
    – Maleficent: Aurora Still The Most Trash Disney Princess
    -Maleficent: Look Up The Word In The Dictionary
    -Maleficent: You Keep Using That Word, But I Dont Think You Know What It Means
    -Maleficent: Yay New Cosplay
    -Maleficent: Waste Of A Good Actor
    – Maleficent:The Power of White Woman Tears

    Love y’all,
    I appreciate y’alls more optimistic perspective on this film. I won’t be upset if my daughter wants to watch it on Loop once it starts streaming. She also LOVES all the DCU films. I was worried about her for a second lol.


    • logan2x1

      Ooo I forgot one
      -Maleficent: Beautiful Gowns, Beautiful Gowns

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