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1980: Licking In Tongues

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, American tourists deaths ruled not suspicious, Chrisette Michele speaks on her divorce, Meghan Markle opens up about not being okay, Pastor David Wilson caught on video, man tells baby mama to suck his thang, Atlantic City mayor resigns, bus driver using phone while on the job and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Felix

    Bruv listen… i feel for Meghan markle so much. I swear for months on end I’d see gossip magazines have her on the front page with increasingly ridiculous rumours about how she made the royal family mad this week. Thats not even talking about the way newspapers have talked about her and how they dunk on black women who feel seen by her. Meanwhile Kate gets treated with the respect youd hope she would given her position. It’s been frustrating but I’m happy Harry is doing his best to fight this. I’m really praying they get through this.

  2. Anonymous

    Five Stars! Loved your review of the updated Cinderella. Here for Billy Porter as the Fairy Godmother!

  3. Iman

    Oh dang, it’s ghost? I thought it was going to be aliens. Thanks “science”. *epic eye roll
    I love how folks say “it’s science” and have no research or studies or examples. All things that actual science relies on. But ok, yea

    You know what I must be possessed by a ghost of a coffee snob, which is why I hate PSL so much and must troll my husband every time he gets one. Blame the ghost honey.

    Great episode y’all! Lmbo,

  4. Tiggettcr

    I almost fell off the treadmill listening to y’all talk about Pastor Pussy Monster. Immediately paused and headed to twitter for the visuals. Hilarious. Thank y’all for this laugh it was much needed.


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