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SMR 264: Harriet

Rod does another solo review. This time for the Harriet Tubman biopic, “Harriet.” I also discussed some trailers to start the review.


  1. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod, great review. Please stay out my head – “safe slavery” was what I thought. One thing this movie did was encourage me to find out about her later life after the civil war because she lived to be 91. In my mind I feel like she was a bad a$$ to the end. Loving these solo reviews because I am always in the movies alone.

  2. Feeta

    Thank you for this review. I just saw the movie and I must admit, all the internet fodder around it kinda tainted me going into the film, but I throughly enjoyed it. Even though it felt like a Disney version of events, I am so happy to see a movie about Harriet Tubman on the big screen. Hopefully, now that this one is out the way with all the social media Ls, another production will come in the future and give Harriet her magnus opus. Also, I hope the hype will cause people to go and actually learn her true story.

  3. Michelle

    Haven’t seen the movie yet but plan to soon. Thanks for the honest review.


    Yooo, the smear campaign behind Harriet has to be the most counterproductive shit, since White Liberals shitting on the Obamas for just about everything. Harriet is by no means a great film. It plays things a bit too safe, some performances can leave a lot to be desired & it’s not a compelling film like Friends of Enemies (which lots of wokies had their agenda caps on for). However, I am glad that it is a good film, that it exists & it’s doing well at the box office. Cynthia Eviro is a big reason why I enjoyed this film, since, I felt she really leaned in on being Harriet Tubman. I don’t really care what people had to say about her on social media, to be honest. It’s a drop in a bucket, at this point. That woman can act & belt a fiyah note. I did like Joe Alywn a good amount here. He accommodated himself well. It looks good & the cast from just a cinematography standpoint looks good. Again, not the greatest, but solid, nonetheless.

  5. logan2x1

    Hey Rod!
    Great solo review! This is one of those times I wish this review wasn’t behind the paywall so I could share it with folks. The smear campaign against this film has reached the all women’s nerd group I’m apart of. I missed the initial hate about the actress who plays Harriet because I’m not on Twitter. But once I heard about it, I understood if folks just didn’t want to see if because of her. But my thought process was, she already got paid for the job, not seeing the film just hurts the people on top and possibly other black filmmakers who are trying to get their projects funded.
    So now I’m seeing all the hate about the content of the film and who the villain is. And folks are mad and haven’t even seen the film yet. They just want to find any reason not to see it, which would be fine if they let other people make up their own opinions about it without getting upset.

    So thanks for reviewing this, I’m not about to feel guilty for going to see this movie.


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