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TNO 143: Bring All That Felicity Smoak

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Three Amigos, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, AMC launching streaming service, Kevin Feige gets a promotion, people worried about Chinese snooping tech, Jesse Eisenberg wants to be Lex Luthor again, Naomi Harris cast in Venom sequel, John Cho hurt on the set of Cowboy Bebop, Cardi B and Keanu may join Fast 9, HBO Max news, Cloak and Dagger canceled, Obi-Wan series has been planned for 4 years,  Netflix and Spotify emergency broadcasts, Google hires former DHS staffer, Superman spin-off at CW, Playstation Vue for sale, Fortnite suing beta tester, protestors wearing Joker masks, D&D not doing Star Wars, Watchmen has racists pissed, Blizzard loses sponsor, Netflix experimenting with variable playback speeds, NBA Live canceled, ACLU sues government over facial recognition, Ant-Man 3, Blizzard apology, Dark Fate box office and Felicity coming back for Arrow finale.


  1. Felix

    Hi y’all Felix here. I’m absolutely fuming about Disney not launching Disney+ in the land of Brexit until spring 2020 over here. While you lot were enjoying the mandalorian I ended up just bingeing all of The Expanse. I’ll just take it as an opportunity to catch up on all the shows I’ve been meaning to get to. Can’t seeth when I’m watching equally entertaining shows I guess.

    On the topic of Watchmen. While I’m relishing every episode, I’m waiting until it’s over to see if I still like it before I do my usual fanart thing. The show is doing so much and having a ball with it all. Love shows I can’t predict like this. Nice change of pace to the CW stuff which I love but is a different kinda fun. Could easily drop the ball at the end still but I’m optimistic it’ll work out.

    Dunno if y’all already read it but I really liked the first issue of the new Green Lantern Far Sector comic. The art is gorgeous and for her first time writing a comic N.K. Jemisin really started off with a bang. The art is also gorgeous. I can also say the same for the first issue of Legion of Superheroes. Absolutely fantastic start to the new series. Bendis at DC is the best thing man.

    Lastly, on the anime front, Bruv, I’ve been really enjoying the new season of an anime called psycho pass. I remember rod mentioning you guys had funimation’s streaming service so you should be able to find the dub on there. It’s such a good police procedural with shades of minority report and ghost in the shell. Just been impressed with the fight choreography this season with the characters doing a lot of The Raid style moves and the nice commentary on immigration going on in the background this season. Highly recommend if you haven’t already heard of it. Looking forward to the show as always. Felix Out.

    • Felix

      Quick addendum to this, I’ve watched all 3 seasons of the expanse all the way through twice now and am onto the books while I wait for the new season. This show is insanely good. Fills the mass effect shaped hole in my heart very nicely.

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Hey Nerds! This might be a common better-suited for Inner-Child Off, but I don’t know any other grown ass adults that will routinely watch cartoons unabashedly. I was wondering if Karen has ever checked out the cute little BLACK cartoon Craig of the Creek on Cartoon Network? I am in love with it & my teenagers side-eye me & wonder why I watch kids’ cartoons, lmao. Forgive me if you’ve mentioned it before; I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. It’s about a little black boy in Maryland and his 2 best friends and all the little different crews around the creek. His natural haired mom who graduated from Howard is voiced by “Big Bad Belinda Brown” of Vice Principals fame, Kimberly Herbert Gregory & his dad is voiced by Terry Crews. His older brother is Phil Lamar. His grandmother is a city councilwoman who was a civil rights activist in the 60s. They’ve had Lil Rel & Tisha Campbell guest star. They’ve even had box braids being done in someone’s home salon & everything, LoL. It’s not *overtly* black so as not to offend “the whites”, but still really cute. I think you guys would like it, but I know you already watch 729 shows & don’t need another assignment, but I hope you guys get a chance to see it, even in passing. Anyway, thanks for listening, you guys are the best!

  3. Amani

    Whooo nigga that Mandalorian smoking! Disney+ let Filoni the gawd come out the gate hot. And looking at this director’s list I think he’s the only white man on the staff. They have Rick Famuyiwa doing episode 2, Deborah Chow on a couple before she leaves for the Obi-Wan series and my nigga Taika Waititi on the finale. Begun the streaming wars have.

    And Rod was on it about HBO Max. People keep getting thrown off by the name thinking they already have HBO, but it’s basically the WB app they’ve been talking about for a while now. So that means all of the WB backlog will probably eventually be there, they’re already moving stuff from the DC app like the next season of Doom Patrol, and they’ve got Turner so that means Cartoon Network and probably live sports soon too. It’s a big ass deal. Let them put NBA on TNT and Rick and Morty on the same app and think I won’t pay for that shit. And for AT&T customers like you they already said you’ll get it free for the first year since it’s the same company.

    Since this is probably the last episode before Thanksgiving wishing y’all a good one! Get your grub on and hit them Black Friday deals. At this rate probably get a 4K TV for the bathroom with some change you find in the couch. 

  4. LotusFlower

    Rod and Karen,

    Enjoyed the show even though Aaron and Kris couldn’t make it. The Nerd Off is one of my favorite shows, so I was happy to see a new episode available.

    I liked your coverage of the Hearthstone/Blizzard controversy. I’m an avid Hearthstone Player and am pretty excited about the upcoming Dragons expansion. I don’t know what I’d do if they couldn’t come out with regular expansions and card sets. I do still notice some pro-Hong Kong/anti Blizzard screen names, but it’s kind of died down after Blizzard walked back their punishment.

    I know you all get these questions often, but I have to ask. Any of you looking forward to The Witcher tv series in Netflix? Or, not your cup of tea?

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    I. HATE. THE. THREE. AMIGOS. I don’t get it. Every single dude I know loves that fucking movie. I really tried to be open minded as a teen and a 20 something but I don’t get it. ‍♀️

    I’m a bit excited to see Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman. I’ll pay to see Robert Pattinson and Zoe be sexy and pretty on screen. I’m catering to my middle aged libido. I’ll be going in with no expectations except look at these pretty mother fuckers. Lol.

    Enjoyed hearing you two nerd it up together. Luckily you two have good podcasting energy.

    I feel like Kevin Fiege was in charge anyway too. He’s proven himself worthy. He is not a mediocre white man.

    Finally, so China is Skynet, huh? That facial recognition shit is evil.

  6. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, Kriss, and Aaron!

    imlove keeping hearing about what y’all are watching every episode, and I wanted to take a second to shout out Kriss for recommending Freaks. I went to see it last week and it damn! It was definitely worth the price of admission. And by “price of admission”, I mean it was an hour drive away at a the only movie theater in the Boston-area that was playing it. I pull up to a rinky-dink theater in Providence, RI, and I was the only patron there on a Tuesday night. No, not the only patron in that one screening, I was the only person watching a movie at this 10 screen theater. But regardless, the movie was great! just like Fast Colors, it was a cool world building experience on a tight budget. But the creativity really brings it to life. It’s a great time to be a superhero nerd!

    Speaking of which, curious if y’all have seen Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go? That joint was pretty good and a funny nod to all the people that got mad when “Go“ came out. The best part might be when they start hopping around the universe meeting all the different versions of the Teen Titans. Of course, they don’t even acknowledge the existence of the live action version, which is about right.

    Love the show y’all,

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