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TTM 61: So Long. Marianne

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey

    First, shoutout to Kevin for immediately realizing that second lady he went out on a date with was racist . His response had me howling , Kevin got up like -“NOPE , BITCH YOU RACIST! I’M OUT!” Hahaha

    Can y’all believe they brought in Sophia Bush for some bullshit like that ! That whole sequence of scenes was the epitome of pointless- a freakin hall pass ! Man Bassey I know you were mad lol

    On Toby and Kate – Toby is trash for that , yes its a huge thing to have a special needs son , but you still gotta suck it up and be there for your wife and son . Hopefully he talks to a therapist to help him cope with the situation and the gym thing is good but he still might need to talk to a professional.

    Actually glad they didn’t give us a definitive diagnosis on Rebecca’s condition but as we have seen from the flash forward scenes , sadly it’s coming ! I did love the scenes with Rebecca and baby Randall and it kind of explains their connection . Although I did feel Randall was being a butt to Miguel and should have tried to chill out a little bit!

    Now this next episode,what kind of crazy ass home invasion shit are they about to do to this black family – I’m not ready for all this lol Thanks again Rod and Bassey!


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