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TNO 146: Lego Fast And Furious

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, XBox Series X new feature, there won’t be a second season of Watchmen, Facebook being evil, The Farside returns, Trill League, Puma gaming shoes, more Lego movies, Lego shipping unused bricks for charity, Twitter bans PNG files, Carrie limited series coming to FX, Remilia dies, swarming drones, people canceling Disney+, Ninja’s shoes sell out in an hour, Shag-Chi casting, MCU first transgender character coming soon, Joker director wants a Batman movie, Youtube will stop tracking kids and political Monopoly game.


  1. Anonymous

    I just want to give a shout out to the CW Beeboverse in Crisis man. They really crossed over all their shows and properties across networks, film, and streaming and the fact everyone is just ho hum about it is because Berlanti and them have done such a great job we expect it at this point.

    My man Jon Cryer is evil as shit as Lex, we’ve got multiple Barry Allens and Supermen and they acknowledged the TV side as Earth Prime. This is all I ever wanted.

    And nigga. Clone Wars. We back!! Y’all know how it has to end and I’m absolutely not ready.

  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Really excited about trill league. Moreso because It feels like just yesterday a bunch of us up and coming black animators were hanging out in the Lesean Thomas Facebook group talking about our dreams and helping each other improve our art. For obvious reasons that’s not the main spot for folks to gather nowadays (iirc that was around 2012) but those were good times so I’m really rooting for my guy. Iffy on that streaming service but overall just happy for my dude.

    Speaking of which. I’m very much unreasonably excited for Eve ewing on champions. I didn’t think it’d happen this soon but I shoulda guessed after she was announced for the outlawed one shot. Gonna be real fun and my comic store guys know me well at this point so they emailed when it was announced and my copy is already preorded. So much good black art in every industry right now man.

    Also comics related, was wondering if rod is caught up on black panther, his thoughts on the new art team. 2 issues I think the main artist has gotten better at drawing black people but going from the stellar folks we’ve had since coates jumped on, this was style whiplash I haven’t experienced since the first run of miles ultimate Spider-Man. In the new issue especially going from everyone being lightskinned to darkskinned thanks to the different colour artists (the new guy and our regular guy) was really wierd. I hope they sort it out because coates writing remains great, just can’t help but notice the difference after the consistency we’ve had up until now with the colouring.

    And lastly, while the star wars fans may be trash and I refuse to interact with them online for the rest of my natural life, THAT CLONE WARS TRAILER WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! I CANT BLOODY WAIT!!! Disney+ should be out here too by the time it’s done. Ended up just bingeing the mandalorian via other means because spoilers were everywhere but there’s gonna be plenty of stuff to enjoy so I’m definitely NOT bitter. Looking forward to the show. Love y’all. ♥️

  3. p.a.joseph

    Hey Guys
    Great show as always. I do have a few questions but ill keep it short.
    1. Is there an anime series besides the Gawd Samurai Champloo where the music just swept you away? Aaron you mentioned DBZ Super’s music, have you hear the trap remixes to Ultra Instinct?
    2. Are there any mobile games out there that you guys are enjoying?
    3. Off the dome is there a comic book or graphic novel series that you would love to see adapted into a television show? I would have to go with Uber.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Dozens of drones appearing out of nowhere in the skies of Colorado? This sounds like the plot of Angel Has Fallen. Has anyone seen Gerard Butler/Mike Banning? Just saying… This world is starting to be just like a movie.

    Speaking of movies. Have you watched the Netflix series Messiah? It’s interesting. A man who seems to be the son of God (they make sure not to call him Jesus as he comes to Muslims first) has an affect on world politics. It’s great.

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