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PG 223: Grade A Hardwood

Rod and Justin discuss Tyler Perry, Michael Che beef, starting smoke on social media, Lena Waithe, marriage, Hillary talks bad about Bernie and the stans can’t take it, first time voting, local news and feedback.


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Justin,

    I know you like comedians and watching their standup. Have either of you watched Trevor Noah and/or Leslie Jones’s Netflix specials? They are both pretty good. Also, have you guys watched the latest season of The Expanse on Amazon?

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Pre-Game Crew,
    I’ll make this quick. I don’t watch love and hip hop, but ya boy Mendeceesseesss is home! Back with Yandy, and back with the kids. Does anyone know how many babies they got now? You know what, it’s none of my business. I wonder if he’ll go right back to Love and Hip Hop or if he’ll take a back seat. Who am I kidding, LAHH is the way he’s gonna stay out of jail and how Yandy is gonna stay relevant. If y’all have any news related to them, let me know!
    I hope you all have a good week, and I look forward to hearing the show!


  3. fyahworks

    Hey rod and Justin, hope all is well!

    It’s been a week to say the least! But we will address that in bds!

    I was wondering if you guys saw the black history month google commercial and your thoughts on it!
    Also I didn’t get the notification about the show so I could write in last week! I kept saying I’m gonna write in. during the week, I use my notes app on my iPhone, and put little foot notes about what I wanna talk about in pop culture/sports! But regardless if I write in or not I always look forward to hearing the mj and pippen or magic and Kareem of podcasting!

    One love


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