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TNO 147: Walking Sharkaganda

Rod, Karen, Aaron, Kriss and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Star Wars Rebels sequel in development, Death Note revival manga, eating the egg in Watchman, no Watchmen season 2, Knives Out sequel, The Defender, Christian Bale joining Thor, Planet Of Nerds, astronaut believes in aliens, Xbox Game Pass, Doctor Strange sequel loses director, Binti, 007 gender, Taika Star Wars, Apex Legends player plugs into an airport terminal, GTA 5, National Treasure 3, Azaria no longer doing Apu voice, Skyrim composer accused sexual assault, Terror, Clearview App, Batwoman is gay, MODOK, Birds Of Prey ads, Captain Marvel 2, Sonic movie, Obi Wan series, Blade Runner 2, walking sharks, Asian American Green Lantern, Star Trek, Snyder cut charity, Bambi remake, Netflix anime for Witcher, HalfLife: Alyx, Riot Games lawsuit and Pokemon boycott failed.


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello to the Nerd Off Crew,

    I just read the new Darth Vader comic and I love it. They made excellent use of the films to develop the story of Vader after The Empire Streck’s Back. Vader is clearly rocked by the newfound revelation that Luke is his son. That ending had me chomping at the bit for more.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Rod, Karen, Kriss, Bacon, and DPalm and the Nerd Off Crew,

    The world has generally been a piece of shit this January but it has been absolutely great for my nerd heart! I finally got my pennies together and bought a year of Disney +. NIGGAS! I was just having so much joy building my playlist. That Robin Hood cartoon from 1973 is my joint from when I was a kid. No other Robin Hood can stand up next to it. I watched the first episode of Mandolorian and I like it. I don’t plan on leaving my house for the rest of the winter because so. much. content.

    Secondly, Crisis on Infinite Earths finale was all that I wanted and more. The Hall of Justice? Did they make the Super Friends? GLEEK?!!!! Are the Wonder Twins far behind. *sigh* 10 year old me is having a blast. The only CW shows I’ve watched consistently is Arrow, Riverdale and Supernatural but it was easy to fall into the storyline because I follow the recaps on MTR Network and the Nerdoff. I. LOVE. THIS. SUPERHERO. SHIT. Rod, I can’t remember when you said it, but you described the fight scene in Avengers: Endgame as playing with all your toys on the floor at once. That’s a perfect metaphor. It does feel like those summer afternoons when my brother and I would spread all Star Wars, GI Joe, DC Hero actions figures on the floor and create a giant adventure.

    Thank you for all your video game and comic book reviews, because it helps keep me relevant with my daughters and the teens I work with. Have you read the graphic novel The New Kid by Jerry Craft? Your niece might like it. It took the top children’s literature prize this year. The first year ever for a graphic novel. I’ve started reading some Stephen King novels. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying them although I haven’t read the most scary ones.

    Looking forward to the next Nerdoff.

    Take care,

  3. greatunclebob

    You were dead on accurate regarding Jason Bateman.

    During a long interview with the Arrested Development cast Jessica Walter talked about how Jeffrey Tambor was abrasive, abusive, and would yell at her a lot. Bateman downplayed it. Ali Shawkat was the only one to speak up in defense of Walter and say what Tambor did was wrong. He later apologized for his comments and clarified what he meant.

    Link: https://deadline.com/2018/05/jason-bateman-apology-jessica-walter-jeffrey-tambor-verbal-harassment-arrestsed-development-1202397182/

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