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2035: Anything For Bernie

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Rod and Karen discuss adjusting your creative vision, Bernie Sanders news, Tyler Perry, DeAndre Arnold, Diddy calls out Grammy Awards, HS student sets up man for robbery, woman calls out mugshot used by police on Facebook, rapper convicted for killing his own mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Iman

    Hey y’all!

    Your Reading Rainbow segment reminded me of a conversation I had with my sister who is a journalist and freelance writer. She did an interview with a foster parent and people kept calling or texting her about how it was so good and impressive. It made them cry. She called me upset, because to her it was literally the simplest thing she ever wrote. She was kind of insulted in fact, because she does a lot of research for other things she’s written.
    I laughed and reminded her, that’s how people are when they don’t do what you do. They’re not always going to like or understand your “high art” and may rave and gush about something you think is so simple. Definitely going to have to check out Questlove’s book.

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