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2036: Later With Leon

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Rod and Karen discuss historical penalties attached to marrying black women, everyone watched A Fall From Grace, Iowa caucus fail, Christian Siriano on size inclusivity, Chipotle sued for violating child labor laws, Grammy Awards breaking news, woman puts vibrator in bladder, Soulja Boy sued, Kelis says Neptunes stole her publishing, Bellie Eilish on rappers lying, Fox Soul, racist cross dressing vandal, MSU on campus racist bookstore display, bank discriminates against black man cashing a check from a discrimination case, VA delegate kills his own bill, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    That woman who got the vibrator stuck in her bladder is lying her ass off. There is no way she was using that toy as directed . I looked up the toy in question and saw that even though it’s a thin vibrator it would take some trying to get that up the urethra. My theory for what happened is that she and her partner were trying this fetish called sounding. It’s usually done to the male but I guess some women may like it too. But what you do is stick a long thin medal rod up the urethra or pee hole if you will, and you basically move it in an in and motion but not quite pulling it out. It’s called sounding because when done probably apparently it makes a whistling sound of done properly. I only know this because it was in a weird porn I once watched and I found out that was actually a thing when I looked it.
    I hope that lady doesn’t get a dime.

  2. Dia

    Happy Black History Month!

    These last two weeks have been exhausting.
    To speak on Tyler Perry, I follow a white film critic from Canada on social media who basically said, he does not like to review Tyler Perry movies because he is not the intended audience and any white critic or anyone else not part of Perry’s audience who hangs their hat on saying how bad his movies are, is just being an asshole. And that is how I feel about most of his movies. I am not the intended audience, and I am just being an asshole if I go around telling people who enjoy the films how bad they are.

    But I will say that Tyler Perry is my baked beans. I don’t like baked beans. But I have had them a few times where they were pretty good. So every time I see them at a function I always get a small spoon of them, because these may be like the ones I liked before or not. I enjoyed the Family that Preys and Mr. Deeds, so I watched Fall From Grace because it ticked a lot of boxes for me. I enjoy thrillers and court room dramas. I didn’t like these baked beans. But I think I am polite about it. I didn’t spit them out. I just shrugged it off.

    But these last few years have been very rough for black film makers, actors and black creatives in general. And when I say creatives I don’t just mean people in the arts and media. If you have ever been in an elementary class, you know that teachers can be creatives.
    And its not always rough because of the lack of opportunity. I saw your Twitter post about people who couch their jealousy and envy in “wokeness” and it really resonated with me.

    To borrow from a conversation with an acquaintance, Twitter has largely become an arms race to see who can be the meanest, the most quotable. It is exhausting. Do any of you actually enjoy movies or anything anymore? Or has the dopamine rush caused by the perfect insult become too much to resist?

    Have a great upcoming week!

  3. LotusFlower

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Happy Black History month! My (whyte) husband and I are enjoying your Reading Rainbow segment, especially during this month. We learned something new about the Loving vs Virgina case and it’s crazy how recent that was. We looked up Loving Day (June 12) and decided we would start celebrating it this year. (Side note: we are LOVING your premium content).

    We are also trying to think of creative activities to do with our 1 year old son for black history month. He’s still pretty young, so I think we will settle for taking him to a museum featuring historical figures. He will understand none of it, but really it’s more for us and starting a tradition as a family. Do your families have anything special you do this month?

    As for the Iowa Caucus…wow are we an embarrassment. I don’t understand the point of how they do it and wish they would just let us vote and leave. Currently, we have to wait for 2-4 hours depending on the precinct until our ‘body’ is counted and final tallies are in. I’m an introvert and antisocial, so being in a room with a bunch of people for hours gave me so much anxiety. The process is inconvenient for people with children or those who have to work during the evening. It’s nearly impossible for them to participate. The caucus system is outdated and mostly benefits white people. Luckily my husband stayed home with our sick son so that I could caucus….but it could have been a second vote for Warren.

    I will say, when I first got there, I was the only Black person in the room. After looking around for about half an hour, I saw a handful of older Black people come in…and I got excited….until they walked over to old man joe’s group. A couple of them kept staring at me like I had defected or something. I felt like Rod on team Tay-Tay. ‍♀️

    Anyways, sorry for the long response. Just thought I would share my experience

  4. Anonymous

    Hey rod and Karen. Tyler perry got the views he did because he spent 30 years building a fan base. The wokes on twitter are over estimating their power, they may have contributed a couple of thousands of views, but nothing that will ever make or break him. He has already stated that he is going to start executive producing content, I dont know what the uproar is about. At this point the high class twitter niggas are mad that he hasn’t hired them. You cant get your terrible writing published on the root but somehow think you can tell that man how to run the shit that he has built. What is so hard about not watching?

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