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BDS 339: NFL Off Season Is Crime On Season

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Wilder loss, Zaya Wade, soccer player banned for penis biting, Patrick Patterson upset about game cancellation, Adrien Broner kicked out of weigh-in, Madison Bumgarner in the rodeo, Vanessa Bryant lawsuit, High Noon canceled, Tony Grossi suspended, Olympic in jeopardy over Coronavirus, Sharapova retiring, Tilman Fertitta’s identity stolen, Malik Monk suspension, James Harden claps back, Barry Sanders jersey mix-up, NFL CBA, Jerry Jones considering Dez, T-Wolves fined over sitting Deangelo Russell, Bradley Beal drug tested, Dana White loves Trump, Lamelo might not rock BBBs, Mark Walton, Trevone Boykin sentenced, J-Lo half time complaints, Antonio Brown and Jerome Allen.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jyle Kuzma,

    I hope all is well.

    Unless you’re Kyle Kuzma, who was out here looking flabbier and sicker with each back down from Zion in the paint. I’d have felt worse for him if he didn’t have that foolish haircut. Out here looking like Eminem and playing like Eminem’s newewt music. Do y’all think the Lakers should’ve kept Ingram instead of Partial Mathers?

    Conversely, Zion is fucking incredible. Can y’all imagine what he’ll look like when he has his wind?

    In light of Chuck and Draymond Draymond having a petty-off, are there any older players like Chuck that you think younger folks truly don’t understand how great they were?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Niggas only, only niggas! Peace!

    – Dough

  2. Kemdoc

    I’m confused by Spike’s whole gripe with having to enter the arena at the non-employee entrance. It seems extremely entitled to me but I’m broke so Ehh.

    I enjoy Spike as a Knick fan but we don’t need this shyt right now. They just patched it up with Oakley and now here we go. MSG had a record high amount of empty seats off this so we know Spike holds weight.

    Deep down I think the banana boat dudes have a hidden oath where you flirt with the Knicks during free agency then give them the ultimate finger. See KD and Kyrie as evidence. They better hope their shyt doesn’t implode. I don’t see the Knicks being great within the next 5 years unless Dolan sells the team to a reputable owner or owners, but why should he….we haven’t won a championship in 40+ years and yet we’re still top 3 in worth across the NBA. He’s making money hand over fist even as he’s fukking up his own organization.

    Unless people completely stop coming to games he won’t sell. And I guarantee we won’t win the lottery pick again. Cue the laughs and get the jokes off. This shyt sucks.


  3. fyahworks

    TGIF rod, Karen, & jion waiters

    Let’s get straight to it!

    1. Justin’s lakers have decided to take dion over the henny gawd , jr Smith!
    How do you feel about this low risk high reward pick up? And is there someone else you would have liked to see had been picked up? I heard Jamal Crawford’s name being throw around!
    Dion was the youngest, has played a bit this season and I guess would have had the most upside going forward!

    2. So rod, as a season ticket holder, if you were in spike Lee’s position, how do you feel about the situation? And would you continue to go to games either this season or next? How did you feel about him going on first take?

    3. Have you guys seen the tnt basketball show with Shaq dwade candace Parker and the White man? Thoughts? It’s definitely no inside the nba

    Have a great weekend

    Niggaz only
    only niggaz


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