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PG 228: How Long Is The Pole Open?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss last year of the CIAA tournament, new voting machines, Caronavirus, Black Twitter Live event, favorite social media, Rod’s hurt ankle update, dem primaries, Whoopi on The Shop, listener feedback and pre-game news.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J thee Stallion. Think this is another instance where Justin was just talking and he ended up being right. Cause I remember the pregame y’all were talking about when Meghan signed with Carl Crawford’s label and Justin called him shady lol. Gotta say thanks on the mayo instead a butter tip on the sandwiches. It is a game changer. Last thing have y’all been watching Curb? I think Larry is on to something with the piss box. As always peace.

  2. chubbzero

    What up Karen ,rod and justin. It’s a real bummer you guys didn’t get to go to New York, but look at the bright side, you won’t have to worry about catching that ‘rona up there now. Speaking of the Coronavirus, have you guys seen the video the vietnamese government put out about washing your hands? It’s a bop! It’s so good to Asian brothers decided to put a tik tok dance routine to it. They was millie wopping and everything. I also would like you guys thoughts on Wayne Brady as gravedigger on black lightning. This negro done went from dressing up like a fox on masked singer (and winning it) to kicking some nazi ass on the cw! Alright, Holla at y’all later.

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