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TNO 185: The Midnight GameStop Line

Rod, Karen, Justin and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Seth Green has NFT stolen, Hunter X Hunter manga coming back, PS Plus tiers, Gamestop Employees walk out, Adrianne Palicki wants to be Mockingbird again, Joker sequel, Bat Nipples, Deadpool 3, Top Gun killing at the box office, PS5 sold over 20 million units, Doctor Strange coming to Disney+, Fruit Baskets prequel coming to movie theaters, John DiMaggio didn’t get a raise, Xbox reveals hidden achievements, Taika Waititi’s Star Wars, WB changes Batgirl’s origin following criticism, One Piece live action, Ghostbusters cartoon, Ezra Miller in more trouble, Thunderbolts movie, The Boys renewed, Activision recognizes Raven Software’s union, Naomi now streaming, Nintendo Switch Online adding 3 games and Gotham PD was canceled.


  1. trojanscooter

    Hi Rod, Karen and guests! Hope you are doing well.

    Can we take a moment and give Greig Weisman & Brandon Vietti their flowers? Young Justice premiered in 2010 as a show about the former child sidekicks of the Justice League. Since then we’ve Artemis & Wally become a couple, Roy Harper and Jade Nguyen have a kid, Kaldur find out his real father is Black Manta, and Grayson be Grayson. I’ve primarily been discussing the show with a guy half my age (19) which keeps me watching with amazement. He was 7 when the show started. Now as a 19 yr old he’s seen the show tackle depression (Garfield), grief (Artemis losing Wally), child and human trafficking, abuse of vulnerable people (Harper Row & her brother), an immigrant with powers (Violet/Halo) and parenting a neurodivergent. All of these story arcs and plots were done very well. Season 4 alone connects to quite a few different books/runs such as Aquaman the Atlantis Chronicles, Legion of Superheroes, Countdown to Final Crisis and more. I understand that for a lot of people/nerds a shorter season is ideal but Earth 16 is so complicated that eight or ten wouldn’t be enough.

  2. ajmartin22

    Hey, Rod & Karen, and guests! Excellent content as always, I have been listening to you all daily for a few years now. Last year, I became a premium member and am currently listening to Balls Deep content from the archive, going back to the very first episode in 2013. I get excellent suggestions from you regarding books; podcasts; and shows as well. I started watching Aggretsuko during weekly game night and all I have to say is: LIGHTNING, GRANT ME YOUR VENGEANCE! STRIKE THEM DOWN! (2x).

    I’m currently watching Obi-Wan and just watched the first episode of Ms. Marvel. PamelaM8 is my mother who left a comment on your last episode and I cannot wait for Jurassic World: Dominion to come out on DVD, because it’s the same story of individuals with no critical thinking skills making poor decisions and capitalism is at the heart of everything, And we are not risking the RONA to see this silly ass movie! We can wait.

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