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TNO 158: Next Gen-ish

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the next gen consoles, Sony botches roll out, Johnathan Majors cast as Kang, GameStop closing more stores, Mulan releasing for free in December, Ubisoft apologizes for Tom Clancy game imagery, Biden campaign in Animal Crossing, The Three Body Problem, pilot sees man with jet pack over LAX, huge black hole, Harley Quinn renewed for season 3, Silk tv show, Shenmue anime in the works, New Mutants director, Ray Fisher still being vague, Mandalorian returning in October, Venture bros canceled, Walking Dead will end after season 11, Robocop prequel, Twitch suspends some users, Wonder Woman pushed to December, Baatwoman, Phil Spencer, Tatiana Maslany cast as She-Hulk, AT&T wants ads on phones, Raised by Wolves renewed, Xbox Series X news, Hogwarts Legacy distances itself from JK, Matrix 4 is a sequel, The Batman resumes filming, Walker Texas Ranger reboot, Twitch removing ads, DC Universe rebranding, Tesla owner slept in speeding car while and AmazonBasics products having issues.

BDS 367: MAGA Mike Wallace

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Clippers get roasted, Chiefs fans boo “unity,” Mike Wallace suspended from NASCAR, Richard Sherman on boycotting games, Danuel House drama continues, Isaiah Washington DUI, KD on the Knicks, Conor McGregor sexual assault arrest, BLM protest in the NBA bubble, Kaepernick calls out NFL, Raptors fans make racist petition for Siakam, Nick Saban says all lives matter, Baker Mayfield reverses anthem protest, Aroldis Chapman may have shit himself, Jeff Allen calls out Chiefs fanbase, Rajon Rondo brother kicked out of game, John Wall throwing up gang signs, Tom Brady pre-game sex, Raul Neto exposed by IG model, Tim Tebow charged 50k for church appearances, BJ Foster quits in middle of the game, Odell Beckham Jr doo-doo update, Giannis, Panthers Spanish language broadcaster goes full MAGA, Dan McNeil fired again, Lewis Hamilton a real one, Elin sells mansion, Maya Moore gets married, Big Ten is back, most of LSU’s football team had Covid, 9ers fans get racist in the dms, Mike Ditka being racist, Drew Brees was crying, Floyd Mayweather vs Jake Paul, Steelers protest goes wrong, Houston radio show argument, Carson Wentz petition, Chiefs fan had Covid at the game, woman sues University of Wisconsin and Vanessa Bryant claps back at LA country sheriff.

MT 48: After The Gig

Rod is joined by Professor Juliet Schor to discuss her new book on the gig economy, “After The Gig: How The Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How To Win It Back.” We talk about the exploitative tactics of gig employers, the impact on marginalize communities, how snobbery and classism erode good faith efforts, how different country take on these companies and what gives Professor Schor hope for the future of the gig economy. It was a great wide ranging varied discussion that is sure to entertain you. The book is a very thorough and informative read on all aspects of the gig economy. Make sure you pick up her book at the link below and leave comments if you enjoyed this interview.

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BDS 366: Groupie’s Tell

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Odell Beckham Jr sex rumor, Kaepernick in Madden, Danuel House Jr messing up the bubble, Djokovic hits line judge with ball, record number of Black women representing US in tennis, Trevor Lawrence social justice tweet, Tomi Lahren / Jay Cutler dating rumor, DeAndre Baker cut from Giants, Quinton Dunbar back at center of robbery case, college football player dies from Covid possibly, Steve Nash addresses white privilege, Kerri Walsh Jennings risking that Rona, virtual Lakers fan shaves, English soccer bubble busted, Von Miller injury, Little Richard opening Monday Night Football, Cowboys fan mad team is allowed to kneel, Bachelor contestant dating Steelers qbs, Kristin Cavallari being petty, Carig Sager’s son is racist, Tony Bruno with some racism, Skip Bayless downplays Dak’s depression, Bubba Wallace leaving Richard Petty Motorsports, NCAA tournament and Josh Bellamy facing federal charges.

PG 255: Shaming Shaming

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s family member dealing with Covid, a co-worker’s son dies, vote shaming, social customs, Teenage Bounty Hunters, Paper Mario, new XBox, hosting Last Week on KATG, Isaiah Washington, Acts of Violence, Raised By Wolves, Lovecraft Country, Jessica Krug, Joe Budden, Charlemagne starts podcast network and listener feedback.

BDS 365: Chris Paul’s Balls Against The Wall

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA game 7s, Steve Nash coaching the Nets, Urlacher disavowed by Bears, Lebron and Obama, Mike Irvin had Covid, Kaepernick thanks Lebron, Mets GM, Klay Thompson speaking out against police, FedExForum won’t allow voting, Donovan Mitchell donates to Jacob Floyd family, John Thompson passes, Kendall Jennner and Devin Booker having fun, Jeffrey Lurie embarrassed of Trump, Brittany Matthews gets a ring from Mahomes, NBA activism, DraftKings signs Jordan, Zach Randolph was hacked, Mister Jerry never getting statue back, Hornets fire Focke, Kap nominated to Hall of Fame, Trevor Ariza child abuse accusations,  Cam Newton child support drama, Penn State doctor on Covid and Love Smith’s son is pimping.

TNO 157: Darkseid Is A Que

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, DCFanDome, entertainment, Nia DaCosta directing Captain Marvel 2, Last Airbender Netflix shake up, New Mutants off to a bad start, new Xbox store, Triller takes top spot in App store, John Wick sequels, NASA reexamining names for cosmic objects, Squidbillies fire Early Cuyler voice actor, Rocksteady sexual harassment claims, Pokimane apology, Warrior Nun renewed, Powerpuff Girls live action series, John Ridley wants a POC Batman, Altered Carbon canceled, Kelly Marie Tran staring in animated Disney movie, Heat Ray for border patrol, Noelle Stevenson apologizes for joke, Tenet advanced ticket sales and Star Trek Discovery coming to CBS this fall.

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