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TNO 155: She Who Shall Not Be Named

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Mixer is no more, new black Batwoman, Square Enix raises money for charity, Splash Mountain changing racist ride, Margot Robbie to star in Pirate of the Caribbean, Dr. Disrespect banned from Twitch, theaters trying to reopen, UK letting Hollywood actors come through, sexual abuse allegations rock gaming industry, Ray Fisher accuses Joss Whedon of being abusive on set, Far Cry 6, Sony buys stake in Fortnight, Capcom sells 80 percent digital games, horror movies pushed back, Gotham PD tv show, Jurassic World 3 shuts down production, Tron 3 in development, The Russo’s respond to Anthony Mackie, Furiosa spin off, Janelle Monae wants to be Storm, JK Rowling doubles down on transphobia,  Fast and Furious in space, US Army Twitch chat, Super Smash Bros, Activision reversing bans, OK gesture removed from Call of Duty, Warcraft improving character creation, Keaton playing older Bruce Wayne and an EVE Online heist.

BDS 358: You Never Go Full Hitler

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson vs the Jewish community, new NFL rules to avoid Covid, JJ Redick is woke, Redskins in turmoil, Patrick Mahomes secures the bag, Khloe swear she not engaged, Kaepernick on the 4th, Jaylen Brown jersey, WNBA jerseys will have victims names, WNBA players roast Kelly Loefffler, Kings close facility, Cam Newton talking that shit, Trump car crashes, Cornell rejects commit over racism, Austin Rivers wants Trayvon’s name on jersey, Bubba Wallace gets Beats sponsorship, Rasir Bolton reveals why he transferred, Antonio Brown, Kaepernick gets Disney bag, Dinwiddie not coming to Florida, Kyrie producing TV show about Breonna Taylor, UNC football players got the Covid, WNBA vs NBA bubble, Deshaun Watson expecting some uncomfortable conversations in camp, Marquise Goodwin accused of antisemitism, Josh Gordon selling ring, Jason Whitlock fighting to be relevant, Zion news, Mike Gundy pay cut, Big Ten not doing out of conference games, MLS tournament adjusting, NFL wants to hold player salary in escrow, NBA players get to ride Disney rides, Tori Miller first woman to be NBA G-league GM, OJ Simpson supports Mahomes and Tyler Herro doing quarantine right.

PG 247: Amanda Knox To Freddie Gibbs

Rod. Justin and Karen discuss working with people without masks, returning things from Target, a friend who refuses to stop playing basketball, contact tracers being harassed, Insecure, Curb, Amanda Knox documentary, Freddie Gibbs rape accusation, Filthy Rich, Disclosure, The Floor Is Lava, Justin’s terrible TV shows, uploading old episodes to the feed, the secret hidden episode of the podcast and listener feedback.

BDS 357: Passing At The Racetrack

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Cam Newton to Pats, Redskins pressured to change name, Bobby Bonilla still getting paid, Black National Anthem at NFL games, Drew Brees apology tour, Back The Blue NASCAR crew chief suspended, Trump 2020 car, Oakland black ownership group, NBA woke jerseys, Johnny Manziel says it might be over, Ja Morant, Tom Brady vs NFL Union, Mike Fulp, BSO let go from TMZ, Keshia Knight Pulliam child support lawsuit, Pats fined for cheating again, Bo gets paid, 6ers cheerleading racism, racial bias in sports broadcasting, Cici and Russy, 9 of 344 NBA players test positive for coronavirus, Djokovic and wife test negative, Lakers won’t replace Dwight, Zion gets ripped, Dwyane Wade supporting gay pride, Tuberville bus catches fire, NFL may require covid waiver for fans, KY sports caller, NBA players offered free porn accounts, Mitchell and Gobert team up on racist fan, Kristin Cavallari trapping, Ken Griffey still getting money, Jim Edmonds 50th bday party, CJ Gardner-Johnson vs Summer Buni, Goedert fight info, Jermiah Braswell cut from Cardinals and Mike Fulp cried.

2130: Everything Is Creative

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Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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BDS 356: Hanging Around The Garage

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Bubba Wallace noose scandal fallout, NBA players will wear Oura ring, Kaepernick, Mississippi state flag ultimatums, DeAndre Yedlin, Jeanie Buss gets racist letter, UCLA players don’t trust coach, Kristin Cavallari, Bruce Arena questions use of National Anthem, Novak Djokovic hold tournament and gets Covid, Eagles player knocked out, Carl Crawford sued, Muhammad Ali’s hating ass son, Muhammad Wilkerson’s brother charged with murder, MLBPA agrees to 60 games, Big Ben admitting his addictions, Josie Harris death, James Franklin to coach apart from his family, Formula One CEO racism, Darius Leonard profiled at Chipotle, Herschel Walker on Defund The Police, Giannis mural vandalized, Softball team quits, Kayla Braxton got the Covid twice, Ben Simmons sister makes joke, Malcolm Jenkins on NFL season, Curt Schilling deactivates Twitter, Yaya Mayweather plays with gun on TikTok, Bengals owner begged players not to kneel, Jim Edmonds bashes wife, Ryan Anderson CTE, HaHa Clinton Dix runs from bears, Rudy Gobert retweets the wrong Serena Williams, Cam Newton Father’s Day message to his maybe kids, Kendrick Perkin’s cries over being called sellout by KD, Jerry Rice’s dauther in ICU, Brittany Renner, Ryan Clark cries about son being called slur, NFL Redzone off Dish and Sling TV, Gatorbait is over, NBA Covid testing, Civil War renamed and Stephen Jackson’s video about bitter black women.

PG 245: Covid Truthers

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss getting masks for parents, Covid truthers, the new style of journalism, Me Too is back, The Ringer exposes the podcasting industry, YELP Black Owned lies, NoName deletes twitter, being forgiving of yourself, Curb, Westworld, listener feedback and Pregame News.

2129: Lowercase “b” Blacks

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Rod’s Random Thoughts, Coronavirus news, crime numbers drop in ATL, Meghan McCain upset over statues, Bill Cosby wins right to appeal, Russell Simmons’ interview pulled from Tidal, capitalizing the B in Black, Seattle Karen story, new catchy C**n song, Cookout™ Invites (Band-Aid, Netflix CEO, Beau From The Fifth Column), naked woman tries to catch a plane, bigoted FL police chief, GA man kills accomplice during crime and sword ratchetness.

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