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BDS 351: There’s Nothing Else To Do Sal

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ed Oliver arrested, The Last Dance, FC Seoul fined for sex doll fans, Rory not golfing with Trump, Cody Latimer arrested, Dwight Howard loses son’s mother, Kentucky cheerleading scandal, Magic Johnson loans, Gilbert Arenas homeless lotto story, Rooney Rule changes, NFL player sues airlines, Jerry Sloan, He Got Game sequel, Covid-19 sports doc, Larsa Pippen, Chad Johnson tipping, former Clemson player arrested for murders, Big Ben Beard-gate, Channing Frey trolled over MJ opinion, Luke Hill arrested, Viking can sell alcohol outside stadium, Vince McMahan may try to buy XFL again, Kapri Bibbs roasts kid atheist, Tristan Thompson suing woman, Alex Bregman leaves Klutch, Meghan King threesome divorce drama, Aldon Smith back, NCAA workouts can begin, NBA eye Disney World, A’s won’t pay lease, Baker / Dunbar plead not guilty, Latimer arrest details, NFL testing facemasks, Jauan Williams accused of domestic violence, Very Cavallari is over, Mike Tyson wants to box Holyfield for charity, Lebron holding private workouts, Akim Aliu spills the tea and Lance Armstrong documentary.

BDS 350: Play Me For Your Birthday Presents

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Khloe and Tristan, LeSean McCoy, Blake Snell not playing, Mike Tyson return, Shannon Brown arrested, UFC Covid, Giannis hacked, Brett Favre money scam, Kristin Cavallari, Title IX, Sammy Watkins is weird, NHL Coronavirus prevention tactics, Steve Smith on Lamar Jackson, MJ’s son got stitches, NBA return possible, Tom Brady signs letter on Ahmaud Arbery, Shag vs Draymond, Kai Sotto coming to G League, Kraft auctions Super Bowl ring, Zion lawsuit, LaVar Ball talking shit, sports docs being made, MJ business partner in legal trouble, Von Miller still feeling effects of Covid, NBA games still banned in China, Mark Walton, Johnny Manziel falls off cliff, Shaq hating on Duncan, Big 3 postpones reality show, Udonis says he’d fight MJ, some players not getting pay cut in NBA this year, NFL players robbery allegations and Darious Morris.

TNO 152: Bad Boys 4Ever

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Entertainment, Nintendo Switch shortage explained, J. August Richards comes out, Gearbox bonuses explained, Games Done Quick raises 400K, Netflix picks up subscribers, Last Of US 2 leaks (we don’t spoil it), Nintendo confirms account hack, Travis Scott concert in Fortnite, Spider-Man 3 delayed, Alinity suspended over boob slip, AMC beefing with Universal, Transformers movie delayed, ADL says Steam is a breeding ground for extremists, Taika Waititi directing Star Wars movie, San Antonio movie theaters open, Tom Cruise going to space, PewDiePie signs with YouTube, Pokemon Sword and Shield cheaters being penalized, How Not To Summon A Demon Lord pulled from YouTube, Ninja breaks silence on Fortnite banning a 9 year old, IronHeart series coming to Disney Plus, Black Mirror taking a break, Jess Carson gets job on The Flash, Grant Gustin wants Flash yellow boots, GameStop sell, Last Of Us 2 dog killing, PS Plus sale, Animal Crossing will get updates, Fallen Order sequel coming, Marvel digital releases, Boba Fett coming to Mandalorian and Bad Boys 4 script in the works.

BDS 349: Nina With The Nina

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Nina Thomas running up on Earl Thomas with a gun, Cam Newton looking for work, Golden State wants Giannis, Covid at the Raiders arena, Dalton signed to Cowboys before Dak, USWMNT legal blow, NCAA will vet athletes for sexual assault, Damien Williams robbed, Obama giving graduation speech, Brett Favre got paid MS welfare funds, Metta Sandiford-Artest, NFL teams attendance money, NFL working on women’s flag football, MJ wouldn’t let Horace Grant eat after bad games, Craig Hodges hating on MJ doc, NFL refund policy, MLB should allow players to opt out of 2020, Ewing had medals stolen, KG wife’s getting 100k a month and Kristin Cavallari calls Jay Cutler lazy.

2100: Murder Karens

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Rod and Karen discuss the backlash to Obama’s blackness, LGBTQ news, Betsy DeVos releases final changes to title 9, Murder Hornets are black, woman pretend to sleep in RV, Texas Mayor breaks stay at home order, man says guns in his car belong to John Wick and sword ratchetness.

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