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MT 42: We Act For Environmental Justice

Rod is joined by the Director of Legislative Affairs for We Act For Environmental Justice to discuss climate change, the Green New Deal, how to get involved locally and how communities of color are impacted by environmental politics.


Kerene Tayloe

SMR 238: Avengers Endgame

Rod and Karen review Avengers Endgame. We also discuss trailers and your feedback for the movie “Little.”

BDS 301: Corny QB Swag

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, Russell Wilson contract, Tiger Woods is back, Tyreek Hill, Jalen Mills vs Devin Robinson, Anthony Davis, Magic Johnson joining up with Ice Cube, Michael Vick teen center, Khloe and Tristan, Gloria Govan, AAF bankruptcy, Ravens owner gives 100k to burned black churches, Coughlin mad, Lakers meeting with Lue, Embiid elbow, Raiders, Robert Kraft vid for sale, Brian Banks accused of rape again, Matt Barnes fights a troll online, Gronk put a dent in trophy, Breanna Stewart injured overseas and Joyce Vieira.

PG 190: Vinez

Rod and Justin discuss Homecoming, movies, wearing cologne as a kid, clothes for school, church as kids, crack is too powerful, Robin Harris jokes, Charlotte’s new mayor dealing with police shooting, Reconstruction documentary, listener feedback and pregame news.

SMR 237: Hellboy

Rod and Aaron from The Black Astronauts Podcast Network discuss the latest superhero reboot, “Hellboy.”

1880: The Booty Decimal System

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Rod and Karen discuss Bernie Sanders is a millionaire, Ilhan Omar getting targeted, man sues parents over destroyed porn, church arsonist found, reparations study commission, justice center set ablaze, Justin Fairfax, woman steals city truck, side chick kills pastor, volleyball coach stole panties and sword ratchetness.

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BDS 300: Big Sad Magic Johnson

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Magic Johnson leaving the Lakers, Lakers news, Sylvia Hatchell details, Antonio Brown going after JuJu, D Rose would return to Chicago, Reebok vs Bey, Sixers hire first female coach, Nike accused of bribing college players, Lebron’s school is doing well, John Football, Demarcus Cousins, 50 trolls Floyd, LaVar Ball, Fournette arrested, Steelers bickering, John Wall may not return next year, reducing NBA games, Jamal Crawford goes for 50, Cierre Wood arrested for murder of a child, Robert Kraft video, Muffet McGraw goes in, Kyle Korver is Woke and a dick grabbing celebration.

PG 189: Checkout Line Super Powers

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss a weird movie experience, sneaking stuff into the movies, peeing at the doctor, hotel wifi, returning stuff at the store, black women keeping their place in line, cash, porn comment sections, LHHATL, Hardees, listener feedback and Tommie Lee seeking therapy.

1879: No New Reviews

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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TNO 132: Dora Been Croft

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Rise Of Skywalker trailer, DIsney+, Felicity leaving Arrow, Chandler Riggs mad, Priyanka Chopra in talks with Marvel, a queer superhero coming to Marvel, Captain Marvel makes a billion, Pet Sematary spoiled by trailers, GameStop lost a lot of money, Idris not playing Deadshot, Transformers 6, MCU marathon at AMC, Walking Dead new series, Kate Bishop series, Space Jam 2, Kumite, Tomb Raider sequel, Netflix new super hero movie, Toy Story 4 getting spin-offs, Ubisoft apologizes for Division 2 slur, Rogue One prequel, Marvel Rising specials, Sony changing offensive usernames, Pokemon pedophiles, Logan Paul helping Alex Jones, PUBG banned from Nepal and algorithm accountability bill.

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