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BDS 293: Third Trimester Trystin Thot Thirst

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Tristan Thompson back on these hoes, Steph Curry, Manny Machado gets paid, Kaepernick gets settlement, Antonio Brown, Adam Silver on the Mavs, Serena in the top 10 again, Dell Demps fired, Michael Sam regrets coming out, store closes after boycotting Nike, Tamba Hall on racism, Jahleel Addae toasts to light skinned babies, Alonzo getting a divorce and Jim Boeheim kill man on interstate.

PG 182: The Return Of Justin

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Justin returning, Justin attends a drag show, WTF Baron Davis, Rod dealing with a friend’s crazy girlfriend in college, pregame news and listener feedback.

TNO 128: Everything Is Orgasm

Rod, Karen and Kriss discuss listener feedback, Blizzard lay-offs, Aquaman Trench spin-off movie, Doom reboot, Xbox Live coming to Switch, Legion ending in season 3, Danai Gurira leaving Walking Dead, Into The Badlands ending, Titanfall 3 canceled, Rush Hour 4, Cosmos season 2 delayed, Simpsons renewed, Mad Max sequel, Taika not directing Guardians 3, Y The Last Man ordered to series, Red Sonja shelved, Bioware wants more Mass Effect, no multiplayer for Crackdown 3 yet, Confederate not delayed because of controversy, PewDiePie disses Demi Lovato, Dune, Transformers animated series coming to Netflix, It Chapter 2, Bendis writing X-man movie, Pirates of the Caribbean loses writers, Lego Movie porn, insects dying, Star Wars 9 finished filming and an online gaming company scammer.

BDS 292: Suspend Terrance J

Rod and John to discuss listener feedback, Melo gets back with La La, LaVar Ball selling water, Steph Curry sells mansion, Cubs ownership racism, Antonio Brown domestic dispute, Foles leaving, Wentz, KD doesn’t trust the media, Tom Brady, 6ers trade and the All Star weekend rosters.

SMR 231: Alita: Battle Angel

Rod and Karen review the live action anime adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel. We also discuss some trailers.  No feedback for Lego Movie 2 though.

TTM 53: Songbird Road, Part 2

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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LSG 35: Practice Your ABCs

Karen is ready with another piping hot serving of that Smack! We have some very spicy news this week involving a vegetarian chef serving up human flesh to his customers, high calorie desserts can help you eat healthy, Arby’s new sandwich and metals in your juice. We talk about the meals of the week from Mad Greek Of Charlotte and CO. And we wrap it all up with a very interesting interview with a weight loss coach for women, Ashley Chatman of Fit Body By Ashley. And for dessert we respond to your feedsmack!

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BDS 291: Dell Demps Pick Up The Phone!

This episode is short because Justin won’t let the Mariah Carey hate go. Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency, the Super Bowl, Kobe / TMac interview, Brandon Browner blames CTE, Anthony Davis daddy, Dodger fan killed by foul ball, Tristan Thompson and Harrison Barnes.

PG 181: Free Education

Rod and Justin discuss Liam Neeson, joking with friends on social media, Terry Crews reacting to black twitter, Chick Fil-A, YMCA basketball, Iyanla, laughing at people’s pain, empathy, TV, listener feedback, Mariah Carey and pre-game news.

SMR 230: Lego Movie 2 The Second Part

Rod and Karen review the sequel to 2014’s smash hit “Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.” We also discuss trailers and your feedback. Enjoy!

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