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SMR 201: Mile 22

Rod and Karen review the spy action movie, “Mile 22.” We also discuss trailers and your feedback.

TTM 37: Better-Like

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In a very special episode Rod and Bassey discuss Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”

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#Walking FTWD: Season 4: 09 People Like Us

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.

BDS 268: Jared Dudley The LightSkinned God!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ray Lewis’ HOF speech,  Kelvin Benjamin pops off, MJ supports Lebron, MJ’s charity contributions, Melo speaks up for Puerto Rico, Kaepernick’s name taken out of song on Madden, Steven Adams beefs with Reggie Jackson, Ohio State rally for Urban Meyer, Dak doubles down, Darren Sharper wants reduced sentence, OJ, Zay Jones, NBA X-mas games, Chris Paul donates to his college, NBA players react to Trump’s tweet, Manziel horrible in CFL, NC players suspended, Sendejo hat, Oakley was caught cheating in Vegas, Lebron producing docu-series, Brian France DUI, Steph Curry, WNBA game canceled, Antonio Callaway, Aaron Rodgers wants NFL to have NBA salary cap, Incognito, Joe Simpson racist, NFL still taking a knee, NCAA rule change, NFL getting male cheerleaders, OBJ spending money on teeth jewels, Lance Armstrong in a crash, Arenas explains gun drama, TO, Ball State keeping Papa John, NFL refs calling helmet penalties and Lebron for secretary of education.

PG 158: Confederate Dollars

Rod and Justin discuss A/C privilege, Confederate dollars, men’s fragrances, the difference in quality spending a little more money can bring, YMCA basketball stories, Rod benefited from racism in a class, a white woman tries to throw Justin in a lie at work, Bria Myles, Snowfall, Basketball Wives, LHHH, Cat Agent, Queen Sugar and listener feedback.

SMR 200: BlacKKKLansman

Rod and Karen discuss Spike Lee’s latest movie, “BlacKKKlansman.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback.

LSG 32: Soul Food Scholar

Karen is back with a brand new bop for the masses. There are several meals of the week to speak on, all sorts of spicy news and a brand new interview with Adrian E. Miller the Soul Food Scholar. We also may have snuck in a wine tasting. Write us and let us know what you think about the new format or any topics you’d like to hear Karen talk about. Enjoy!

Adrian’s Website

Rooster’s Website

RuRu’s Tacos and Tequila

Babalu’s Tapas and Tacos

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TNO 115: Roblox Porn?!

Rod, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn won’t be rehired, DC switches strategy, Blockbuster closing, MST3K crowd funding effort, Tyrese vs The Rock, black Buffy, Enter The Dragon remake, Venom, Altered Carbon season 2, Supergirl cast first trans superhero, Shiro is gay, Chris Hardwick is back, Fortnite makes 2 mil a day, Godzilla 2 changing monsters names, The Simpsons won’t recast Apu, Kat Graham playing April O’Neal, Fear The Walking Dead renewed, Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Picard, Ben Affleck still in The Batman, Roblox porn, Black Panther crosses 700 mil domestic, Netflix open to more spin-offs for Marvel shows, Claire won’t be in Iron Fist season 2, Zack Snyder wanted female Robin, Christopher Robin won’t be released in China, Quantic Dream loses legal battle, Flash movie, China has a laser gun, water on Mars, parents are paying for Fortnite coaching for their kids, Google hit with 5 billion dollar fine, Apple blocks passcode cracking tools used by cops, people can’t find the stars they bought and WhatsApp is leading to lynchings in India.

BDS 267: Faithful Island

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Lebron opens a school, Dak and Zeke back up Jerry Jones, Tristan mushed Draymond, Urban Meyer placed on leave, Tristan roasted on Insta, Dwight Howard, Live 19 intros ability to create female players, Tom Benson’s ugly estate battle, Lebron regrets giving son his name, Clark Kent, Terrence Williams cleared of all charges, D Rose college scholarship program, Ben Gordon pleads no contest, Blake Griffin child support settlement, Melo gets his money, TO disses Jerry Jones, Drummond wants to shoot threes, Shawne Merriman bare knuckle boxing, Florida player stopped with AR-15 in car, JR Smith throws a fan’s phone, Sean Newcomb has some old tweets, Jameis has grown and learned, Bryce Love, Gloria Govan sued, Lindsey Ok’s old tweets, Adrien Broner, Roquan Smith, NFL helmet rule, Austin Watson, Vernon Butler, baseball players hugging and Megan Denise.

PG 157: Kimberly vs K Michelle

Rod and Justin discuss Lost In Space, pick up basketball stories, strategies to get next at the court, LHHH, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, Snowfall, The 100 and listener feedback.

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